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Localização do Lago do Saque

Lago do Saque é uma área no mapa do Battle Royale.


Um grande lago com duas ilhas e uma grande casa no centro da grande ilha, cercada por barcos, casas e uma grande fábrica na costa.


Lago do Saque está localizado a noroeste do centro do mapa, ao norte de Torres Tortas, e sudeste de Parque Agradável.

Pontos notáveis/Saque, baús e caixas de munição[]

Pontos Notáveis Localização Saque de Chão Caixas de Munição Baús
Ilha do Centro Meio do lago Alto Até 3 ( Telhado, banheiro, atrás da caixa de areia Até 4 ( Telhado, quarto, plataforma lateral, caverna)
Grande Fábrica Oeste da Ilha do Centro Alto 1(ao lado das escadas do primeiro andar) 1(Último andar antes do telhado)
Pequena Fábrica Oeste da Ilha Central (Adjacente à grande fábrica) Moderado 1( Andar superior) Até 2 (Andar superior, piso inferior)
Small island North of center island Low None 1 (Next to tree)
Campsite East of center island Low 1(behind tents) 1(MIddle of tents)
Watch tower Northeast of center island Low 1(Top) 1(Balcony)
Modern house North of center island Moderate 3(Garage, Under stairs, Roof) 1(Garage)
Small shed and dock Northeast of center island Low None 1(Inside the shed)
Trailers Southwest of center island Low 1(middle) 1(On top of trailer )

Strategy Guide/Tips[]

  • There are many trees and rocks in the center island and if you were to mine all of them you would make it out with around 450-600 wood and 200-300 stone.
  • Navigating the water drastically slows down the player's move speed. It is highly recommended to build floors to cross the water quickly.
  • Boats on the lake can contain chests (Up to three). Since there is no cover around the boats, extreme caution is critical when approaching.
  • Camping in the middle of loot lake can be a high-risk, high reward option. Since the water is hard to cross, enemies can't get close, but you can't leave the island quickly.
  • If in a pinch, you are able to hide above the ceiling in the cave under the center house. You have to build a stairway into one of the holes in the roof.
  • If landing at the factories, try to land on the roof, as there is automatic ground loot and you get height advantage to anyone trying to land somewhere else near you.
  • Try not to land on the roof of center island, as there is not always a guaranteed chest, and there is much better ground loot on the lower floor of the house.