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Survivors are characters that are used to build Survivor Squads. A survivor can be either a "subordinate" or a Lead Survivor. Lead survivors can be placed in the leader slot in a Survivor Squad. Every survivor has a Personality attribute. Normal survivors give bonuses to other stats. Lead survivors have a Job attribute that can be matched to the job of the Survivor Squad they are placed in for increased bonuses.


Each survivor has a randomly assigned Personality attribute. Matching the personality of a subordinate survivor to that of their Squad's Lead survivor gives a bonus to the subordinate's power level. Other than this effect, individual personalities have no functional difference. No personality is better or worse suited to a given Squad. The only thing that matters is whether the subordinate's personality matches the Lead's.

List of Personalities[]

Adventurous personality icon.png Adventurous
Analytical personality icon.png Analytical
Competitive personality icon.png Competitive
Cooperative personality icon.png Cooperative
Curious personality icon.png Curious
Dependable personality icon.png Dependable
Dreamer personality icon.png Dreamer
Pragmatic personality icon.png Pragmatic

Set Bonus[]

In addition to their personalities, each subordinate survivor is randomly assigned a Set Bonus. By assigning multiple survivors with the same set bonus to the same squad, the player can gain additional stat bonuses.

Currently, these bonuses are calculated additively with the player's F.O.R.T. stats. In other words, the +5% bonus from each set is equivalent to +5 of the corresponding F.O.R.T. stat.[1]

List of Set Bonuses[]

Set Bonus Amount Matches
Personality Match ??? 7 ???
Health +5% 2 Fortitude
Shield +5% 2 Resistance
Shield Regen +5% 2 Resistance
Ranged Damage +5% 3 Offense
Melee Damage +5% 3 Offense
Ability Damage +5% 3 Tech
Trap Damage +5% 3 Tech
Trap Durability +8% 2 N/A

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