Rack 'em up!
— In-game Description

8-Ball vs Scratch is an Epic Outfit in Fortnite: Battle Royale that can be obtained upon reaching Level 60 in the Chapter 2: Season 1 Battle Pass.

Cosmetic Review

8-Ball vs Scratch is a two character outfit that follows the E.G.O vs A.L.T.E.R storyline acting as a some kind of cyborg ninja. It is also believed to mimicking the roles of the characters in the G.I. Joe franchise. He has four edit styles.


  • A black ninja based outfit based on the 8-Ball from billards, who supports E.G.O and may be mimicking the role of snakeeyes from the G.I. Joe franchise.
  • The character has a gold version replacing the white outlines.


  • A white ninja outfit based on a term when a Cue Ball (White billiard ball) is shot into a pocket, who supports A.L.T.E.R and may be mimicking the role of Stormshadow from the G.I. Joe franchise.
  • As of December 18th, 2019, if you use the enlightened Scratch edit style, the skin will become "corrupted." To fully "corrupt" Scratch, you must get level 300, although you start seeing changes at level 100.
  • Scratch becomes "corrupted" because in the "Trick shot" loading screen we see 8-Ball fighting Scratch and because Scratch won, he starts to corrupt (because he killed(?) his alter ego "8-Ball)
  • In Chapter 2: Season 2, this was made a separate style, allowing players to use a non-corrupted Scratch along with the corrupted version.
  • He is currently deceased, as he was killed by Midas.



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