Abstrakt is a Epic skin that can be bought at the shop for 1,500 V-Bucks. His female counterpart is Teknique.

Back Bling

Abstrakt's Back Bling, Tag Bag, is gray bag with paint all over it. There are also three cans and a extra gas mask, also covered in paint.


Abstrakt's Pickaxe, Renegade Roller, is a long extended roller with paint all over it.


  • Abstrakt looks kind of like Jake from Subway Surfers.
  • He has a Loading Screen of him jumping over a crate at the shipment yard north of Retail Row with lots of sprays behind him like the Do It spray and the Teknique spray.
  • Abstrakt is seen on the limited time gamemode Close Encounters. He has a jetpack (removed and now only found in this gamemode) and a tactical shotgun.