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Disambig gray.svg This article is about a Chapter 2: Season 6 Battle Pass Outfit. For an Unreleased Outfit from Chapter 2: Season 2, see Agent Jonesy.

Look sharp, we're saving reality.
— In-Game Description

Agent Jones is an Epic Outfit in Fortnite: Battle Royale, that can be unlocked immediately after unlocking the Chapter 2: Season 6 Battle Pass.

Selectable Styles

Default Jump 15 Jump 23
Agent Jones - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Agent Jones (Jump 15) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Agent Jones (Jump 23) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Jump 31 Jump 42 Jump 88
Agent Jones (Jump 31) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Agent Jones (Jump 42) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Agent Jones (Jump 88) - Outfit - Fortnite.png


  • Agent Jones's ID is CID_989_Athena_Commando_M_ProgressiveJonesy.
  • As Agent Jones' styles progress, items from the Hunters he hired can be seen on his suit. These are:
  • Between Update v16.10 and Update v16.30, driving near a Guardian Tower in a vehicle would occasionally result in a message from Jones playing through the radio briefly.
  • Agent Jones' ring has the symbol of the Imagined Order but for unknown reasons, on the default style this symbol does not appear on the ring.
  • Originally in the Battle Pass there were going to be loading screens of Jones saving reality. This was scrapped.
  • Before The End (Chapter 2) event, Donald Mustard posted a tweet with Agent Jones appears to be in cuffs and in a prison jumpsuit.
    • In the event, he wears an orange jumpsuit with a designation of "D204", making him resemble a D-class personnel from the SCP universe, which are often depicted wearing a similar orange prison jumpsuit and their designation number on their left breast. It is also the title of the Zero Point chamber in Chapter 2: Season 5 Trailer.
  • His main theme is Wild.



Agent Jones is ready to unite the Seven, take down the Imagined Order, and make good on his promise to find Geno. Whoa, that's... Uh, that's a lot. But he's ready for it!
Character Collection Book in Chapter 3: Season 2

The Imagined Order's most prominent defector is back, and he's ready to save reality. Sure, there are 7 other people involved, but Agent Jones is definitely the hero here.
Character Collection Book in Chapter 3: Season 1

Agent Jones is a Character in Chapter 3: Season 2 and was one in Chapter 3: Season 1. Agent Jones can spawn at any of the Seven Outposts in both seasons.


Chapter 3: Season 2

Agent Jones
Agent Jones (Jump 42) - Outfit - Fortnite.png

It's time to save reality.

Exotic Buy Boom Sniper Rifle
Boom Sniper Rifle - Weapon - Fortnite.png

Bars (Small) - Currency - Fortnite.png

It's rebellion-ready.

Hire Agent Jones
Hire - Icon - Fortnite.png
Bars (Small) - Currency - Fortnite.png

I got your six, Looper.

Activate Rift
Rift-to-Go - Interaction - Fortnite.png
Bars (Small) - Currency - Fortnite.png

Launching a blimp raid?

Chapter 3: Season 1

Agent Jones
Agent Jones (Jump 42) - Outfit - Fortnite.png

Need some help from reality's finest hero?

Buy Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper
Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper - Weapon - Fortnite.png

Bars (Small) - Currency - Fortnite.png
Talk about a gear upgrade.

Hire Agent Jones
Hire - Icon - Fortnite.png
Bars (Small) - Currency - Fortnite.png

I'll provide morale. And leadership.

Activate Rift
Rift-to-Go - Interaction - Fortnite.png
Bars (Small) - Currency - Fortnite.png

This might make you nauseous.

Chapter 3: Season 2

First encounter
Agent Jones (Jump 42) - Outfit - Fortnite.png

Good to see you, Looper!

Outfit Reaction
Agent Jones (Jump 42) - Outfit - Fortnite.png

Wearing Gunnar
Gunnar - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Long time, big guy. I see you're still a huge fan of... Chainsaws...

Outfit Reaction
Agent Jones (Jump 42) - Outfit - Fortnite.png

Wearing The Imagined
The Imagined - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Are you up to something? You look like you're up to something.

Outfit Reaction
Agent Jones (Jump 42) - Outfit - Fortnite.png

Wearing The Origin
The Origin - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Have you spoken to the Scientist?

Outfit Reaction
Agent Jones (Jump 42) - Outfit - Fortnite.png

Wearing Doctor Slone
Doctor Slone - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Er... This is awkward...

Outfit Reaction
Agent Jones (Jump 42) - Outfit - Fortnite.png

Wearing The Foundation
The Foundation - Outfit - Fortnite.png
I'm still working on Geno.

Chapter 3: Season 1

First encounter
Agent Jones (Jump 42) - Outfit - Fortnite.png

I'm Agent Jones. Yes, THAT Agent Jones.

Outfit Reaction
Agent Jones (Jump 42) - Outfit - Fortnite.png

Wearing Doctor Slone
Doctor Slone - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Er... This is awkward...

Outfit Reaction
Agent Jones (Jump 42) - Outfit - Fortnite.png

Wearing The Foundation
The Foundation - Outfit - Fortnite.png
I'm still working on Geno.

Character Trivia

  • It is speculated that the character might have been a snapshot of Agent Jones, in which the real Agent Jones is still wearing the prisoner jumpsuit in the Story Trailer of Chapter 3: Season 2. It is also evident because, in the ending of the Zero Crisis Finale, he gets looped, but during Chapter 2: Season 7 is when he was captured and brought back to the bridge, removing The Loop's effects from him, causing The Zero Point to make a snapshot of him.


Assassin Unknown - Emoticon - Fortnite.png
This article/section contains speculation and/or fan theories.
Some or most information on this page may not be factually correct.

Part of me believes that immortality is a curse. One is searching. I used to only see the infinite possibilities. The time to correct all mistakes. But many are uncorrectable. I wish I had done more for her than I could.
— John Jones

Agent John "Jonesy" Jones, or simply Jones and self-claimed The Legend is a former high ranking member of the Imagined Order who worked under the command of Doctor Slone. He betrayed IO during the Zero Crisis Finale in order to save Reality Zero. After having been rescued from prison by The Foundation during The End event, he joined The Seven. He is the original man behind all of Jonesy snapshots.

He serves as the main protagonist of Chapter 2 and the deuteragonist of Chapter 3 so far.

Before Chapter 1

Jones was first tasked by the Imagined Order to jump into The Zero Point. It creates one of the very first snapshots of him, Bunker Jonesy, along with numerous others throughout his various trips into the Loop. He is sent through the Zero Point to many realities in The Omniverse to bring order to them, kidnapping people and putting them in The Loop so the IO can study them. He was also very knowledgeable about The Seven. As years past, Jones has children and a family that lived in Jones' very dangerous home Reality, under protection by the IO. As they get older, Jones wants to retire so he can spend time ith his grandchildren he barely knows. Doctor Slone reminds that he became indispensable in the IO and if he leaves, his family won't be under protection anymore, forcing Jones to work many more years for descendants he never knew.

Chapter 2: Season 2

Jones walks through The Bridge during The Device, and order his co-workers to change The Storm. While talking, The Looper gets teleported into his office, and listens to him talk. Jones opens the door and sees The Looper, asking them if they can hear him.

Chapter 2: Season 4

Jones is briefly seen at the end of the Devourer of Worlds Event. At first lying on the floor in an unconscious state, he then quickly wakes up as the building crumbles around him.

Chapter 2: Season 5

After the battle against Galactus finishes, the Imagined Order is in a state of panic. John Jones is lying on the ground as the phone on his table rings. He answers the phone, and Doctor Slone, orders him that he needs to reseal the bridge and that the last thing they need is someone escaping The Loop. Just as he walks out of his office, grabbing his Field Pack, Slone warns him about The Seven, but he leaves the office without hearing her. He enters The Bridge and locates the best Hunters across all realties. Through his Reality Logs, he brings several Hunters to The Island so they can create chaos while IO tries to fix The Zero Point. While doing this, he creates Pure Portals which overloads The Zero Point more.

Chapter 2: Season 6

Each reality hop made the Zero Point more unstable. He turns to The Seven and tries to get access to "Restricted File 8752," all files related to the Seven. After multiple failed attempts, he goes onto the island and through a series of events, throws the Portal Device into the Zero Point, gets the help of The Foundation and they reseal the Zero Point. However, he is looped as a result and The Foundation seals himself into The Spire.

The End

Jones was found by the Imagined Order and was taken to The Bridge where he was being tortured by Doctor Slone for betraying them and helping the Seven but was rescued by The Foundation who was revealed to have lived the completion of The Spire. Jones was then given a gun to help hold off the IO Guards. After The Foundation rewires part of The Bridge, Jones then proceeds to activate the flipping of the Island, and at one point drops the gun in The Zero Point.

Chapter 3: Season 1

Jones officially joins The Seven as an ally, but is still disliked by The Scientist and the other members. He stays in the Seven Outposts with Seven Sentry while working on Geno, meanwhile his Snapshots started their own village society as The Joneses.

Chapter 3: Season 2

Jones and other members of The Seven formed The Resistance, with members and loopers from different realities. Jones also recruits Peely to The Resistance as a vehicle driver. He instructs The Looper on giving intel from the IO Airships and instructing Peely how to drive. He is still working on Geno.

Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War

Jones, alongside The Foundation, Spider-Man and The Imagined infiltrate The Bridge. While looking for The Zero Point, Jones comes across his old office and picks up a picture of his wife from an old frame. They meet up at the center but are ambushed by Slone and Gunnar. The Foundation is defeated by Gunnar, but the rest of the team escaped to Reality: 616. The team get help from Wolverine and travel to Wakanda, in search of The Zero Shard. They fight against hordes of Hybrids and eventually sit down at a campfire, where Jones reveals his past to the team. The next day, they fight against the High Evolutionary and Stegron. They discover that Doctor Doom has snuck around them and take the Zero Shard first to go to Reality Zero and create and army of Hybrid minions. The High Evolutionary and Stegron join Jones and his team to stop Doctor Doom.


Jones and The Foundation act as the ground forces during this live event. Together they disable the shields protecting The Collider. He checks in on The Paradigm after her mech is critically damaged. He also sends Peely to help repair the mech with a Slurp Truck. After the loopers get caught in the earthquake, he makes sure that nobody is hurt and proceeds to fight with them and the Foundation against IO Guards. He distracts a B.R.U.T.E. whilst The Foundation destroys it by picking up a heavy object and throwing it at its back. Just as they reach Dr. Slone, The Paradigm informs them that the mech's systems are back online, so The Foundation asks Jones to buy them some time. He successfully distracts Slone long enough for the mech to crush her and the tank she was in. After seeing that The Zero Point was focused on Geno, he and the Foundation jumped into it in an attempt to find him.



Spire Quests

Audio Dialogue
Listen to the Crystal Song...

Zero Crisis Finale

Audio Dialogue
Nevermind. Look sharp, we're saving reality.
Well, we're not giving up.
We've got Portals, not good.
So... we should close them?
Yep. Gotcha, we're on it.
Reality Waves can change anything in the blink of -
I'm a Butterfly.
I'm a Butterfly now, so... NO!
There is no way this is good... but it is beautiful.
I spent my whole life studying the Zero Point...
And this is the first time I've really seen it...
I feel like reality just doesn't like me.
You look... Amazing.
Sorry about this, normally we do stuff you know and help. but er... Butterfly.
Look at you running around not being a Butterfly. must be nice.
Haha! Uh. Well done!
Whoa... That's intense.
Uh, everything okay up there?
He must be sealing himself in...
He needs our help, come on!
Overload the Device?!
I'll be trapped in the Loop!
You have my word!
Here... we... GO!

The Device (event)

Audio Dialogue
(to phone) Uh no, E- everything is NOT stable over here. We are act-- (to Janice) Uh, Janice! Janice! Uh, dial the Resonance Actuator to 7.2. Now. Please. Yes, right now.
(to phone) Wait, wait, wait, wait. Hold on, hold on... "It's not just a storm?" What does that mean?
Must be connected to the loop, but there's no way we could have predicted that it would react THIS way. At this--
And that worked? How long do you think it'll hold?
Good, good. Everything is, uh, starting to stabilize here. Nothing seems to be--...What the...?
How are you even-- Wait... Wait, wait, wait. Can you- can you HEAR me?

The End (Chapter 2)

Audio Subtitle
(from a distance) GUYS!
(Laughs) That's the last one! We did It!
Okay. I... may have dropped it...
In... the Zero Point.
You call this "safe"?
Well, what about that!?

Resistance Quests

Week 1

Establish Device Uplink near Logjam Lumberyard, Rocky Reels, or Tilted Towers
Audio Subtitle
Slone's got something major up her sleeve, so keeping tabs on her forces is critical.
Our field recon cameras are ready for action, sooo you wanna maybe help me spy on my old crew?
And if I get caught up on the latest IO gossip, you know, that's... just the... cost of doing business.
Deploy sensors at Logjam Lumberyard, Tilted Towers, and Rocky Reels
Audio Subtitle
It should go without saying that if you get caught putting these up, you don't know me.
But... I dunno, you've heard good things.
Camera online. One more to go.
Nice work.
Did I put the batteries in? I did. Didn't--? I'm, like... 80% sure that I put the batteries in.
Establish Device Uplink near a Seven Outpost
Audio Subtitle
Well, looks like the Imagined Order DOD--that's Department of Dirigibles--finally got their combat blimps in the field.
If I'm remembering the prototypes correctly, there's like a ton of remote servers aboard those things.
Get a data scraper onto one of those blimps.
Plant a Data Scraper at the tail of an IO airship
Audio Subtitle
We'll send someone to pick that up later. And by "someone," I mean you. (chuckle)
You can get down yourself, right?

Week 2

Establish Device Uplink near Command Cavern
Audio Subtitle
I know how much you love smashing up tanks, but The Scientist apparently needs a whole one to reverse engineer, so...
Securing an enemy tank is about as safe as it sounds... which is why I volunteered you.
All you gotta do is deliver a tank to one of the bases I've marked on your map.
"Or die trying." Yeah, that last bit was from The Foundation and I'm not entirely sure he was kidding. (chuckle) So... good luck!
Deliver a tank to a Seven outpost
Audio Subtitle
Oh yeah! Thank you.
I made some big, BIG promises to The Seven regarding the tank heist, and I had like... I mean, NO back up plan.
So... I think you just became my favorite Looper.
Alrighty! Let's leave The Seven to their...backwards engineering or whatever it is that they're really up to.
Establish Device Uplink near the central Gas Station
Audio Subtitle
You know my buddy, Peely? Yeah. He's about... one banana tall? Kinda quiet? Bruises easily?
Uh... He accidentally drank some smoothie, which I guess bananas shouldn't do, and he had a vision.
At least I think so, he's...very hard to understand. But the upshot is... you gotta teach my bro-nana, uh... to drive.
Refuel a vehicle
Audio Subtitle
Thanks for doing this. Peely doesn't always make sense, but know... His sticker's in the right place.
Drive in a car or truck without going off-road
Audio Subtitle
Peely says, "Thank you!" And also says, "The prophecy will soon be fulfilled." got that goin' for you, which is nice.

Cross Behemoth Bridge in a vehicle
Audio Subtitle
And that is how you teach a banana to drive. Which, (laughing) you know, now that I... say that out loud, seems like a mistake. Still, nice job!

Week 4

Establish Device Uplink near Sanctuary
Audio Subtitle
I need you to roll out our anti-tank rounds to The Seven's personnel across the Island.
Keep your comms open while you're delivering them. We need to talk.
Place Anti-Tank Rounds
Audio Subtitle
You know, not to brag but before I left the Imagined Order, I was somewhat of an expert on The Seven.
And one thing we were certain of was that they worked as a unified, dedicated group.
The Imagined Order still thinks that but, ehhh, I'm not so certain. It makes me nervous.
Between you and me, we need to know what's going on with The Seven.
This lack of trust could be a real problem.
We need to resolve it before the IO catches wind.
Good work.
Look, don't share anything I told you. Okay? We're just going to watch and be smart.
We need The Seven united. If something is driving a wedge, we need to know.

Week 5

Establish Device Uplink near a Seven Outpost
Audio Subtitle
You're still finding four different weapon rarities out there, right?
And like, weapons in general? Because... I'm seeing Loopers running around with nothing but floppers and bandages.
I'm pretty sure it's user error, but I'll need you to mark four different weapon rarities in the field to prove it.
Mark weapons of different rarities to show Loopers how to identify them
Audio Subtitle
See, I knew it! It's like I'm saying, "Grab weapon," but they're hearing, "Prepare dinner."
I'm no longer worried about weapon availability, but I am having some major concerns about Looper combat training.
See? It's not that hard. Why can't they all be like you? Don't change, okay? Just...never change. You are perfect.
I hope everyone's paying attention because THAT is how we prepare for battle.
We're making war out here, Loopers, not some sort of weird potluck where half the people bring bandages.

Week 6

Establish Device Uplink near Loot Lake
Audio Subtitle
This will not come as a surprise, but IO management loves doomsday machines. LOVES 'em.
There's even a Doomsday Division at HQ. Oh man, their softball team is awful, but they will one day destroy us all, so... kind of a wash.
We have very credible intel that one of the IO's doomsday devices is now in production.
We need to find out everything we can while we still can. Hit the field, I'll prep the cameras.
Set up recon cameras to get more info about the IO doomsday device
Audio Subtitle
Yeah, well, this is the place. Once you're done, get moving. This is not the time to get caught.
Yeah, I already don't like what I'm seeing. Stay the course and be smart.
Nicely done. Now get out of there.
I have a very bad feeling that we are not ready for what we're gonna find out.

Week 7

Hack IO Loudspeakers
Audio Subtitle
JONES: War may be fought on the battlefield, but it is won in hearts and minds.
That's where we're going to spend a little time screwing with the IO's propaganda machine.
My new counter-propaganda mixtape drops as soon as you hack into the IO's loudspeakers, so...
C'mon! You. Me. Hearts. Minds. Let's make it happen.
JONES: Attention, IO forces. This is Doctor Slone.
And this is what my voice normally sounds like.
(ahem) As of this broadcast, we officially surrender.
Ask no follow up questions, just... drop your weapons and run.
JONES: So, y'all didn't fall for the first trick. Well, I expected that.
So... Stage Two. Infighting!
I've, uh... posted everyone's salaries on the IO shared drive.
Check it out before you grab your weapons and risk your life for your benevolent Imagined Order overlords.
Make sure to discuss amongst yourselves! (laughing) Have fun!
JONES: (sing-song) Slooone, it's meeee! Your sworn enemy talking to you on your own security system!
(normal speech) Ah, you know, I was gonna make fun of you but... but look...
I promise you, you're on the wrong side of things here. But there is still time to make the right choice.
I mean it! But... you know, since this is counter-propaganda, I can't end things on an emotionally honest note. (laughing)
So. Uh, here's an endless loop of Peely's favorite annoying sounds!
Find Jones's IO Credentials
Audio Subtitle
JONES: You know, it's the strangest thing. I can't find my old Imagined Order credentials.
Luckily, the IO is built on mutual distrust and paranoia, so there is always a workaround.
So let's brute force this problem. If you see IO files in the wild, smash 'em open. And I'll do the rest.
JONES: "Emergency Data Redundancy Protocol." That's it!
"In the event of network integrity failure, credentials can be manually reset at Site 4862."
Okay. According to this Imagined Order Island Guide, 4862 is...
Covert Cavern. See you there.
Hack an IO Server in Command Cavern
Audio Subtitle
JONES: Hey, you made it! Ready to hack into a top-secret Imagined Order server? Eh?
We'll either find priceless intel, or a really juicy memo about whoever's been stealing lunches from the staff fridge.
(mockingly) I'll bet you it was "Agent Gunnar, Level 5."
JONES: Look at this haul! We got war plans, blueprints, complete background on The Seven...
Except for The Sisters. Huh. Their files have been wiped.
Wait, wait, wait, wait. EVERYTHING related to The Sisters has been wiped.
That's not how their system works. NOTHING is erased. EVER.
It's not even supposed to be possible!

Week 8

Destroy trash laying around Sanctuary
Audio Subtitle
JONES: That party was awesome! (laughing) Somebody told you it was your job to clean up, right?
I mean, I can help. A little. I could use a debrief to clear my head.
JONES: I'm concerned I got a little... festive last night.
And I have a distinct memory of bragging to The Imagined about, you know, (laughing) all the secret IO stuff that I know.
Is it weird that she wanted to know so much about how their file system worked?
Answering my own question: Yes. Yes, it is.
JONES: I think... (trying to remember) The Imagined told me something important last night. What was it?
Think, think, think. Nope! No. Oh. Ow. Stop thinking. Thinking hurts. Ignorance. Oh, that's the place to be.
JONES: That's it! The Imagined said she's sick of not knowing who she is!
And every time she looks for answers, it's like someone is one step ahead of her.
And then I made what I thought was, like, a hilarious joke, that upon further reflection...
(embarassed) Makes me want to stop thinking about this...entirely.

Week 9

Collect Mech Parts from fishing holes
Audio Subtitle
JONES: I'll have you know I spent the better part of the day trying to heal the schism between Paradigm and The Seven.
Long story short, The Seven is recommissioning the Mech and we don't know if Paradigm will pilot it.
So, there. You're all caught up. Now, I need to do literally anything else.
C'mon, we're goin' fishing! ...For small, long-lost, waterlogged Mech parts.
JONES: Well, we're doin' our part. Now let's just hope The Seven do their part.
Download personnel files from the old IO servers
Audio Subtitle
JONES: The more I look into The Sisters, the less I understand.
The Imagined especially seems really, really into finding old IO personnel files.
I do know of a super secret analog database that might have answers.
Let's see if we can figure out what she's looking for.
JONES: Someone else is looking through these files. And judging by what I'm seeing, they're looking at the same data.
I'm seeing records for the Foundation, The Origin, The Paradigm, but... nothing on The Sisters. Again!
Their files have just been deleted by-- ...Whoa.
Jump nearby a Seismometer
Audio Subtitle
JONES: If we live through this, let's just leave the part where we lose the giant enemy fortress OUT of the history books.
...Unless my brilliant plan saves the day.
The Fortress can go into hiding. But no matter where it goes rumbling off to, it leaves a seismic signature.
I've installed a seismometer to track the IO's attack base, but I need your help to calibrate it.
JONES: If the fortress jumps within 50 meters of the seismograph, we'll be the first to know.
Oh! Actually, I- I think we're already getting some data here.
...And I really wish I knew what any of this meant.

Week 10

Cut power to Control Panels inside Command Cavern
Audio Subtitle
JONES: Yo. New ultra-top-secret plans are in from The Origin.
He wants us to cut the IO's power. Stat.
C'mon. Let's go mess up some control panels and ruin their day.
JONES: Most parts of war are awful, but this? This I could do all day.
Ugh, there is NOTHING better than breaking something you don't have to fix!
JONES: Well. If you can't beat 'em, annoy 'em. I always say.
JONES: There's not much I can think of that requires that much juice...
...Other than the IO's combat shielding.
I need to update Sanctuary. You keep up the good work.

Week 11

Damage opponents with the MK-Seven Assault Rifle
Audio Subtitle
JONES: There's nothing I want more than to give you an inspirational speech right now.
To tell you how much this battle matters, and how important each and every one of you are.
But, looking at our stats, I think we need every last second we have for target practice.
This is not a joke.
Grab the weapon the Loopers voted for and do some damage.
I know the Loopers are a peace-loving bunch, but you gotta try aiming. You'll love what it does for you!
JONES: That's what I'm talking about!
You're hitting targets! Taking clean shots! You're AIMING. See how great that is?
You've made me proud today.
But nowhere near as proud as I'll be when you take this Island back from Slone and her goons!

Drive a car or truck between two Seven Outposts without exceeding a speed of 60
Audio Subtitle
JONES: (off mic) Alright, alright. Chill out. I'll ask.
(to player) Uh, (ahem) so... Peely's prepping for his driving test and he would like for you to give him a, uh...last-minute refresher.
Could you take a little cruise between a couple of The Seven's camps?
But keep it under 60. Alright? No "peeling" out!
JONES: Please slow down, okay? Peely's very impressionable!
JONES: Watch your speed! Banana on board!
JONES: Keep it under 60!
JONES: Hey, nice driving!
Well, Peely... the rest is up to you, buddy.
Good luck.