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This Page/Section is about an item / mechanic that has been put in The Vault.

This item has been made unavailabe in standard playlists to balance the loot pool. It may return in the future.

Alien Parasites were Animals in Fortnite: Battle Royale, added in Chapter 2: Season 7.


At the beginning of the match, Alien Parasites’ eggs were randomly scattered around the map. Once an egg was destroyed or hatch, a Parasite would appear. It would then stick to nearby Wildlife, Players, Henchmen, or Characters consuming HP, capping at 75HP remaining. In exchange, it would grant increased speed and jump height, and a resistance to damage from headshot multipliers. While Parasites gave you a jump boost, they did not protect you from fall damage.

Alien Parasites dropped nothing upon elimination.

Spawn Locations

Strategy Guide

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  • Since Parasites will attach to the player's head they protect you from headshots attacks. This will significantly reduce your damage intake, (Fall damage will still be able to instantly knock a player).
  • It is useful to get a Parasite when on lower than 75 HP, as you will get enhanced abilities without encountering the drawbacks.
  • Parasites detach from a player when they touch fire or water, activate a prop disguise, get abducted by an Abductor, or deploy an Inflate-a-Bull. Parasites will not detach when a player enters a vehicle.

File on Alien Parasites

It makes sense that Aliens would have their own version of wildlife. And it looks like their wildlife is very keen on ours. The Aliens have unleashed a parasitic species on the Island, introducing a new danger to the ecosystem. However, they’re actually more helpful than the Aliens probably intended.

Known simply as Parasites, if one of these mini-Aliens attach to your head, they’ll drain your Health down to 75. (Shield remains unaffected.) But this relationship is more give-and-take than it seems. Not only do they protect you from headshot damage, but they also make you run faster and jump higher. Parasites have an aversion to water, fire, and, unsurprisingly, attacks.

These creatures can often be seen parasitizing chickens, boars, and wolves. If you take damage from parasitized wildlife, their slime will gradually deplete some of your Health. Defeating an animal with a Parasite on it will make that Parasite jump on you, which could very well be a sound strategy. We expect their population to grow as they adapt to the Island.


Chapter 2: Season 7

  • Update v17.21: Parasites now consume HP capping at 75 HP remaining, instead of 60 HP. They now fly slower. The distortion effect when a Parasite is attached to a player has been removed.
  • Content Update v17.30: Reduced health from 60 to 30.
  • Update v17.40: The distortion effect when a Parasite is attached to a player has been re-added.
  • The distortion effect has been removed through a hotfix.

Chapter 2: Season 8



  • If a Parasite does not find an owner for a long time, it will pop.
  • Parasites and Zyg and Choppy can plant Parasite eggs.
  • Parasites can’t attach to Zyg and Choppy and Trespassers.
  • Despite being called Alien Parasite, they actually have a symbiotic relationship with the Player, in which both benefit.
  • According to Mari, the Alien Parasites seem to be the wildlife of where The Kymera came from originally. It is also noted by Mari that the aliens have unleashed them purposely onto The Island and are expected to grow their population soon.
  • In the One Shot LTM an option appears to pick up parasite eggs. However, it currently doesn’t seem to do anything.
  • When you shookdown a Trespasser, Parasite eggs used to be marked with an eye, like a Sentry Camera. This was later changed to be a triangle, like most AIs.
  • A player attacked by a Parasite-infected animal will gradually lose some HP.
  • Parasites cannot attach to Loot Sharks, Frogs and Supply Llamas.
  • Parasites cannot attach to a player using an Inflate-a-Bull.
  • When the Alien Parasite is attached to your head, any mic input is distorted for other squad members to hear.
  • Alien Parasite eggs will not hatch if a nearby player already has a Parasite attached to them.
  • When a Parasite is attached to a chicken, the chicken can 'lay' Parasite eggs.
  • It is possible to shoot a Player's head when they have an Alien Parasite attached to them if the player is more than 75 meters away.