Anarchy acres
For the current version of this location, see Lazy Links.

Anarchy Acres was a location in the top of the Battle Royale Map. The area was themed to look like a farm and was very similar to Fatal Fields, and had several buildings that had good loot. Anarchy Acres could contain around 10-15 chests in any given game, meaning that it was a popular drop spot due to its location and loot spawns. In an average game, Anarchy Acres would be fairly contested early on, often by 5+ players. Looting at Anarchy Acres generally meant a player must pick a big building, loot it quickly, and move on to other nearby buildings, while also attempting to kill enemy players.

Players could often find more chests to build a strong loadout by looting the small shacks than by going to the major structures only. There was a mine in the shape of an umbrella nearby, always holding two chests in it in the handle, making it a good area to land if you got there first.

Anarchy Acres has since been changed to Lazy Links with update 5.0.


  • Anarchy Acres was an uncommon landing spot due to the fact that most players chose Fatal Fields because of it's popularity.
  • To the northwest there was a motel with a decent amount of loot (commonly referred to/known as "The Motel").
  • There are lots of big barns to check for loot.
  • Players had to be careful when on the open fields as they would be very vulnerable to being shot down.
  • Many barns had multiple floors with good loot; Some required that players build a platform to access those areas.
  • Haystacks could contain chests or loot.
  • The stable could have 2 chests and loot inside.
  • Since the rocket launched on June 30, 2018, part of the rocket has landed there.
  • Anarchy Acres has been replaced with Lazy Links.


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