Purchase the 2020 Annual Pass and receive all upcoming 2020 Fortnite Battle Royale: Battle Bundles and 7 Annual Pass exclusive cosmetics. Battle Bundles unlock 25% of content in each Battle Pass instantly upon release.
— Official Description

The Fortnite Annual Pass 2020 was a leaked prototype that existed in the Fortnite update v11.30 build that was leaked as a result of datamining. The datamining found that Epic Games had an Annual Pass in-mind where players could purchase the annual pass, and will automatically unlock exclusive cosmetics and 25% automatically unlocked of the upcoming battle passes in 2020. It is known that Epic Games plans to have 4 seasons to be released in the year 2020.

As a result of Epic Games becoming notified, the company responded and confirmed that the Annual Pass was just a prototype that did not make the final cut and version of the game, which means that the Annual Pass was cancelled and held back but remained in the v11.30 update build.

The Annual Pass would have included the three outfits displayed above, that is Astra, Brilliant Bomber and Bash. Now that the Annual Pass is cancelled, subsequently will mean that the above cosmetics will be released through the Item Shop. In addition, Epic Games confirmed that Bao Bros would also be eventually released (In which it was), following the release of the above cosmetics.

There is a chance that the annual pass would return.

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