Apollo at the beginning of Chapter 2: Season 1

Apollo is the code-name for the Fortnite: Battle Royale map used in Chapter 2. It replaces Athena. The name continues the trend of naming the map after Greek deities. It has had about 6 variations throughout Chapter 2.

Named Locations in Apollo

Name Image Description
Craggy Cliffs Craggy Cliffs - Location - Fortnite.png Craggy Cliffs is a Seaside Town. The main attraction is Fishstick’s Restaurant: Sticks.
[Added In Season 1]
Frenzy Farm
Frenzy Farm-Locations-Fortnite.jpeg
Frenzy Farm was a large farm near the centre of the map. It featured a large farm house, barns, fields, silos and a small watermill. [Added in Season 1][Replaced with Stark Industries in Season 4]
Steamy Stacks Steamy Stacks - Location - Fortnite.jpeg Steamy Stacks is a Power Plant. The main attraction is the 2 Cooling Towers.
[Added In Season 1]
The Agency The Agency (Real) - Location - Fortnite.jpeg The Agency was E.G.O. Base of Operations. The Boss Midas spawns there with a Mythic Drum Gun.
[Added In Season 2] [Replaced with The Authority in Season 3]
The Grotto The Grotto - Location - Fortnite.png The Grotto was a former A.L.T.E.R. Base of Operations. The Boss Brutus spawns there with a Mythic Minigun.
[Added In Season 2] [Flooded in Season 3]
The Rig The Rig - Location - Fortnite.jpeg The Rig was A.L.T.E.R. Base of Operations. The Boss TNTina spawns there with a Mythic Boom Bow.
[Added In Season 2] [Replaced with Rickety Rig in Season 3]
The Shark The Shark - Location - Fortnite.jpeg The Shark was E.G.O. Base of Operations. The Boss Skye spawns there with a Mythic Assault Rifle.
[Added In Season 2]
The Yacht The Yacht - Location - Fortnite.jpeg The Yacht was Deadpool's Base of Operations. The Boss, Formerly Meowscles now Deadpool spawns there with Mythic Dual Hand Canons. The Yacht is abandoned as of Season 3.
[Added In Season 2]

[Removed In Season 4]

Weeping Woods Weeping Woods - Location - Fortnite.png Weeping Woods is a Woodlands and Campsite. The main attraction is the Watch Tower which stands higher than the trees.
[Added In Season 1] [Wolverine Boss came here with mythic Wolverine's Claws in Season 4]
The Authority The Authority - Location - Fortnite.jpeg The Authority is an A.L.T.E.R Base of Operations. The Boss Jules used to spawn here with a Mythic Drum Gun and Mythic Glider Gun.

[Added in Season 3] [Replaced with The Ruins in Season 4]

The Fortilla The Fortilla - Location - Fortnite.png The Fortilla is an E.G.O base of operations. The boss Ocean spawns there with a Mythic Burst Assault Rifle and a Mythic Chug Jug.

[Added in Season 3] [Removed in Season 5]

Coral Castle Coral Castle - Location - Fortnite.jpg Coral Castle is an underwater castle home to the Coral Buddies

[Added in Season 3]

Doom's Domain Doom's Domain - Location - Fortnite.png Doom's Domain is home to Doctor Doom. It has a mansion called Doom House at the very top of it and a Soccer Field with an underground base of operations. Doctor Victor Von Doom, the boss, spawns there with his Doom Henchmen.

[Added in Season 4]

Stark Industries (Location)
Stark Industries - Location - Fortnite.jpg
Stark Industries was a huge tech factory that contained many Stark Robots as the location's henchmen. It had 1 Main Building and 2 on the outskirts. Tony Stark (AKA Iron Man) was the boss at this location.

[Added in Season 4] [Replaced with Colossal Coliseum in Season 5]

Salty Towers
Salty Towers - Location - Fortnite.jpg
Salty Towers is a combination of Salty Springs and Tilted Towers with houses, buildings and a clock tower.

[Added in Season 5] [Replaced with Boney Burbs in Season 6]

Colossal Coliseum
Colossal Coliseum - Location - Fortnite.jpg
It is a large, rectangular, roman-style stadium.

The stadium features a large arena in the centre which contains randomly selected structures in different games and is surrounded by stairs and a large balcony decorated with golden llamas and statues resembling Peely. [Added in Season 5] [Replaced with Colossal Crops in Season 6]

Stealthy Stronghold
Stealthy Stronghold - Location - Fortnite.jpg
It is a large walled-off biome, with a Jungle inside of it. It's ubicated on the north-western coast of the island.

[Added in Season 5]

Hunter's Haven
Hunter's Haven - Location - Fortnite.jpg
It is home to the IO Guards. Being a sort of Haven for the Bounty Hunters of the Imagined Order, Hunter's Haven has many buildings, with each containing items for the hunters.

[Added in Season 5] [Removed in Season 6]

Colossal Crops
Colossal Crops - Location - Fortnite.jpg
Farmland covered in autumn similar to Frenzy Farm that was built after a pulse from The Zero Point destroyed Colossal Coliseum. [Added in Season 6]
Boney Burbs
Boney Burbs - Location - Fortnite.png
A primal village that was built on the remains of Salty Towers. [Added in Season 6]
The Spire
The Spire - Location - Fortnite.png
A tower created by The Foundation, who trapped himself inside of The Zero Point to re-stabilize it. [Added in Season 6]


  • Apollo is the name of a Greek God. He is the god of archery, music, poetry, the sun, and the lyre.
  • Donald Mustard confirmed on a podcast that Apollo was created following The End event when the Zero Point reorganized the matter from Athena after it was destroyed to create a new island.
  • Salty Springs, Retail Row, and Pleasant Park returned as named locations. Risky Reels also returned as a landmark.
  • The reason why locations from Athena are fusing with locations on Apollo is because that is where the locations where placed from Athena, like Tilted Towers appearing on top of Salty Springs, and Flushed Building crushing Plumberton.
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