Focused on melee combat, using Assassination to increase sword damage and critical chance.

Assassin is a Specialty Ninja available in the game. The number of perks and abilities depends on the hero's maximum evolution and level.

Maximum evolutions

  • Uncommon: 3
  • Rare: 4
  • Epic and Legendary: 5


Name Unlocked Description
Icon Ninja Assassination
12 Dealing Sword damage grants one stack of Assassination, increasing the damage dealt by Swords by 5%. Lasts 5 seconds and stacks up to 5 times.
Icon Ninja Poison Blade
Corrosive Blade
30 Critical hits from the Ninja's edged weapons deal 30% of hit damage over time while reducing movement speed of target by 30%.
Icon Ninja Easier Sword
Easier Sword
18 Improves the energy cost reduction of Easy Sword to 80%.
Icon Ninja Easy Sword
Easy Sword
5 Reduces sword combo attack energy cost by 60%.
Icon Ninja Longsassin
15 Increases the duration of Assassination to 11 seconds.
Icon Ninja Mantis Leap
Mantis Leap
2 Ninja can leap once more while already jumping. Can only be executed once per jump.
Icon Ninja Pain Mastery
Pain Mastery
25 Assassination stacks now grants a 3% bonus, per stack, to critical hits with edged melee weapons.
Icon Ninja Praying Mantis
Praying Mantis
8 The Ninja can leap higher, increasing the effectiveness of Mantis Leap.
Icon Ninja Shinobi
Stars TierNumber 1Evo Reduces fall damage taken by 10%. Increases run and sprint speed by 10%.


Name Unlocked Description
Icon Ninja Dragon Slash
Dragon Slash
Stars TierNumber 2Evo Ninja springs forward 2 tiles, dealing a base of 95 edged weapon damage to all enemies within 0.5 tiles.
Icon Ninja Smoke Bomb
Smoke Bomb
Stars TierNumber 3Evo The Ninja throws down a smoke bomb, creating a cloud that persists for 5 seconds. The cloud slows all enemies inside by 30%, dealing a base of 40 damage every second.
Icon Ninja Throwing Stars
Throwing Stars
1 The Ninja hurls throwing stars in a straight line. Throws 1 star three times in a quick series, dealing a base of 35 edged weapon damage with each star.

Squad Bonuses

When put into a squad slot on the Hero screen, a ninja can give either a passive support or tactical bonus. Some require a certain Primary Hero to use. Abilities that have percentages change depending on the star level.

Support Icon Support

Name Description
Icon Ninja Endurance Training
Endurance Training
Increases maximum energy by 8%/12%/16%.


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