Disambig-icon This article is about the Assault Rifle weapon. For the class, see Assault Rifles (Battle Royale). For the mythic variant, see Skye's Assault Rifle.

The Assault Rifle is a weapon in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It was introduced alongside the Battle Royale gamemode in Update 1.6, and the latest adjustment to it happened in Update 13.0. It's available in all rarities and can be found in the standard loot pool.

The Assault Rifle got a Mythic variant in 12.0: Skye's Assault Rifle, which was vaulted in the 13.0 Update.


Chest and Floor Loot

Assault Rifles can be found in many ways, mainly through floor loot and in chests. Rare Chests and Supply Drops have a chance of giving an Epic or Legendary rarity Assault Rifle.


Assault Rifles can be upgraded from Common to Uncommon, and all the way up to Legendary at Upgrade Benches. They used to be able to be side-graded into Heavy Assault Rifles, and vice versa, however since the Heavy Assault Rifle was vaulted with the start of Chapter 2: Season 3, this is not possible.


Henchmen can sometimes be seen carrying around Uncommon rarity Assault Rifles, eliminating those henchmen will have them drop it. Rare, Epic and Legendary Assault Rifles can be obtained through Henchmen Chests.

Prior to 13.0, you were able to obtain the Mythic rarity Assault Rifle from Skye at The Shark.


Assault Rifles works as a Hitscan Weapon and follows First Shot Accuracy rules. It takes around 0.35 seconds for FSA to reset after a shot is fired. Damage falloff begins around 50m.

Assault Rifles ranges from dealing 30-36 damage per shot (165 - 198 Damage per second) to both players and structures. All Assault Rifles use Medium Ammo - Icon - FortniteMedium Ammo. The Assault Rifle has a Headshot Multiplier of 1.5x (changed from 2.0x in the 13.0 Update). This yields 45/46/49/52/54 damage.

DPS Damage Fire Rate Magazine Size Reload Speed
Common 165 30 5.5 /s 30 2.5 Sec
Uncommon 170 31 5.5 /s 30 2.4 Sec
Rare 181 33 5.5 /s 30 2.3 Sec
Epic 192 35 5.5 /s 30 2.2 Sec
Legendary 198 36 5.5 /s 30 2.1 Sec
Mythic (Vaulted) 222 37 6.0 /s 30 2.1 Sec

Strategy Guide

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Using an Assault Rifle

Countering an Assault Rifle



  • Update 1.6
    • Assault Rifles of Common to Legendary rarities was added to Battle Royale along with the entire gamemode.
  • Update 1.6.4
    • Adjusted the accuracy and reload speed of all Assault Rifles.

Season 1

  • November 22, 2017 Hotfix
    • Assault Rifle damage is reduced from 32/33/35/37/39 to 30/31/33/35/36.
    • Reduced Headshot multiplier from 2.5x to 2.0x.

Season 4

Chapter 2: Season 1

  • Update 11.0
    • Supply Drop loot rates adjusted.
      • Assault Rifles from 25% to 14.2%.
    • Reload Time increased from 2.4/2.3/2.2/2.1/2.0 to 2.5/2.4/2.3/2.2/2.1.

Chapter 2: Season 2

Chapter 2: Season 3


Common, Uncommon and Rare Variants

Epic, Legendary and Mythic Variants


  • The Assault Rifle is one of the few weapons and items to have never been fully vaulted.
  • The Assault Rifle, Burst Assault Rifle, Heavy Assault Rifle, and Charge Shotgun are the only weapons to get a variant of all 6 rarities, including Mythic.
  • The Common, Uncommon and Rare variants are modelled after the M4A1 Carbine.
  • The Epic, Legendary and Mythic variants are modelled after the FN SCAR-L.
    • This is the reason for players often referring to these rarities of Assault Rifles as "Scars".
  • In Spy Games, the starter tech version of this weapon can be found at GHOST Tier 1.
  • In Spy Games, the tech upgrade for this weapon can be found at GHOST Tier 6.
  • The Assault Rifle's old icons are still used in Save the World as it did not receive a graphics update in v11.00
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