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A Fortnite Champion Series original
— In-Game Description

Axe of Champions is an Epic Harvesting Tool in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Cosmetic Review

This Harvesting Tool has the Fortnite Champion Series Logo on it and is wrapped around a wreath. It can only be obtained by FNCS Champions.


  • If a new trio from each region wins in the next FNCS, the Harvesting Tool gets taken away from the previous owner.
    • As a result, 21 players (3 players from each region) hold this Harvesting Tool in their lockers.
  • The only possible way to obtain this Harvesting Tool is from winning the FNCS.
    • It is the most difficult cosmetic available to obtain since it requires a player to reach Champion League in Arena, play through rounds of qualifications with tens of thousands of other Champion League players and win the FNCS finals after 12 games from a set lobby of the top 33 trios in their regions.