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Equippable weapons and traps available in-world.
— In-Game Description

The Backpack can be used in a Mission, Homebase, and the Armory. The Backpack is used to hold items and resources such as crafted schematics and world resources. It can be upgraded using Skill Points.

Backpack Space

  • 50 backpack spaces when you start the game.
  • 20 backpack spaces for each level in the Backpack Size Upgrade.

The Maximum backpack space is 210 with standard play. However, if you had participated/completed the following:

  • 10 backpack spaces for purchasing the Limited Edition
  • 10 for purchasing the Ultimate Edition,
  • 10 if you have participated in Fortnite’s Pre-Launch
  • 10 if you have activated 2-factor authentication.

You could earn up to 250 backpack spaces.

No Longer Available

The extra backpack slots offered in the Limited and Ultimate Editions of Fortnite can no longer be obtained, since those editions of the game will no longer be offered as of v13.20.

Additionally, the pre-launch backpack expansion was only given once and can also no longer be obtained.


  • A stack of an ingredient has increased from 99, 200, and now 999.