Battle Passes are Season Passes in Fortnite: Battle Royale in which players can unlock 100 Rewards by levelling up. The Free Pass is a Season Pass that all players can access. The Battle Pass, the premium tiers of the pass, cost 950 V-Bucks. You have access to the current Battle Pass until the next season begins, where your level is reset to Level 1 and don't own the Premium Tiers. You keep all rewards from past seasons.

Current Battle Pass

Chapter 2: Season 6


  • Season 2: Added Battle Pass with 70 Tiers. Daily Challenges can be completed to gain Battle Stars. Levelling up your Season Level gives you Battle Stars to progress through tiers.
  • Season 3: Extended Tier Cap to 100. Added Weekly Challenges, Challenges that can give you Battle Stars. Season XP will be given if you reach Tier 100.
  • Season 4: Added Mystery Rewards. Loading Screens can be obtained by completing Battle Pass Challenges. Added Style Challenges for Outfits. These Challenges expire at the end of the season. Added Sprays to the Pass.
  • Season 5: Style Challenges will now require XP to complete instead of a specific Season Level, allowing players to complete challenges after the season ends. Added Toys to the Pass.
  • Season 6: Added Pets.
  • Season 7: Added Overtime Challenges at the end of a season, in which Battle Pass Owners can get extra styles for their Outfits.
  • Season 9: Mystery Challenges have been replaced with Fortbytes for the season. Fortbytes are challenges that require you to complete certain Challenges to unlock the Mystery Reward and a free Loading Screen.
  • Season X: Replaced Challenges with Missions, a system in which there are 2 types: Prestige and Normal. Complete Missions to earn rewards. Prestige contains harder missions.
  • Chapter 2: Season 1: Battle Stars are now removed. XP Becomes the primary form of levelling up. The Level Cap is at 999, though you stop earning rewards at Level 100. Prestige Missions are removed.
  • Chapter 2: Season 3: Added punchcards. Quick Challenges are added and serve as a substitute for Daily Challenges. Weekly Style Challenges are added.
  • Chapter 2: Season 5: Challenges are turned into Quests. Quests are sectioned into Common Uncommon, Rare Epic and Legendary. The Common quest as a substitute for the Quick Challenges.
  • Chapter 2: Season 6: TBA

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