Batttle star

Battle stars are instant tier-ups in Fortnite: Battle Royale. They occur around the map when a quest like a "follow the map" or a "look between... … …" appears. there are also Secret Battle Stars that are secretly awarded to you for completing a week's challenges.

Secret Battle Stars

Secret Battle stars are super secret tier ups that can only be found by hints from the corresponding week's loading screen. The hints could vary from a faint Battle Star in the image or coordinates Ex. A1 SW (which would lead you to the southwest corner of A1).

Season 5

Battle star 1

Secret Battle star location (Week 1 Season 5): The Battle star is located at the umbrella in the ground located near Lazy Links.

Battle star 2

Secret Battle Star Location (Week 2 Season 5): This battle star is located on the top of the country club building in lazy links,this battle star is not far from the first.

Battle star 3

Secret Battle Star (Week 3 Season 5): This Battle star is the hardest of all, it is located in the southwest corner of J2. You can find it in a dirt patch near the abandoned house.

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