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The Scourge of Wailing Woods
— In-game description

Black Knight is a Legendary Outfit for Battle Royale. It could be unlocked in the Season 2 Battle Pass at Tier 70. He is part of the Fort Knights Set.

Cosmetic Review

This Outfit is Jonesy with a black suit of knight armour, with glowing red eyes. His armour has a red symbol painted on it.


  • This is a very rare Outfit and having it usually means you're an experienced player or that you have been playing the game since Season 2.
  • The gold origin style for Ultima Knight looks very similar to this Outfit.
  • This is the first Legendary Outfit to appear in the Battle Pass.
  • In Midas' room's cutscene, Black Knight's helmet is shown in Midas' hand as he walks in his room. He walks towards a display wall and takes a look at the helmet. He then touches it, turning it to gold. He adds the helmet to the wall filled with other Outfit's helmets and walks away.
  • His base character model is Jonesy.
  • The Female Counterpart is Red Knight


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