The Rocket Launch is an Event that happened in Season 4 on June 30th that caused the appearance of the Crack. This was the First in-game event in the History of Battle Royale


The "Blast Off" event was foreshadowed for a while before it happened, Week 7 of Season 4 loading screen "The Visitor" showed off a new character, known as The Visitor. The Visitor was seen programming a Rocket in a later Loading Screen, this rocket was located at the Villans Lair outside of Snobby Shores. The Rocket was fulled by Hop Rocks which were being gathered from their Craters and being moved the Villan's Lair by trucks.


The Launch happened on June 30th, 2018 at 10:30 AM PST and concluded after a couple of minutes. The Visitor was inside this rocket. The Rocket Launched into the sky at a slow rate, until the first booster broke off, the Booster fell to the ground and destroyed a couple of crops at what used to be Anarchy Acres pictured below in the Gallery.
The Launch

The Launch

The Rocket then started to jet into the sky and eventually stopped, the rocket was now a glowing blue light. Then all of a sudden a ghostly voice could be heard, it mutters the words "Set Coordinates". The rocket was now starting to fall back to the Island, while strange noises were playing. The Rocket then launched back down towards the island and started to shoot 4 red beams with eventually merged into one giant beam pointed straight at Tilted Towers right before it hit, however, a Rift opened above tilted. A few seconds later the rift closed before another rift opened above Moisty Mire. The rocket then continued to rocket forwards as it passed over Lonely Lodge and Wailing Woods, it then swerved to the west passive over Risky Reels and flew over Loot Lake and past Tilted Towers, before it tore another Rift, this time outside Greasy Grove. Another rift was now forming, this time over Loot Lake. The rocket came out, facing towards the sky and then accelerated, and tore open a final rift in the Sky. This Rift, later to be known as the Crack , persisted for the rest of the Season, and into much of Season 5.


Fortnite Durr Burger Disappearing Live

Fortnite Durr Burger Disappearing Live

After the launch things from the Fortnite world started to disappear and appear, Most famously, the Durr Burger disappeared live, and appeared in a remote part of the California desert, only to be tagged with Graffiti by Drift, and then reappeared in Fortnite outside of Pleasant Park at the start of Season 5. A wagon spawned outside of Moisty Mire and a few other items spawned in. Come Season 5 the theme was "Worlds Collide" and items from the real world and Fortnite crossed over. On August 24th, 2018 The Crack finally closed and spawned The Cube in the Greater Paradise Palms area. The Cube has since travel around the map activating different runes which would turn into corrupted areas in Season 6. The cube rolled around the map until it Sunk into Loot Lake, until Season 6 where it rose into the sky, taking the main island with it, turning it into the Floating Island.

As of now, The Cube's Saga has (maybe) concluded.