Blue Squire is a Rare rarity skin that was unlockable via Battle Pass Season 2 by getting to Tier 1.

Back Bling

Blue Squire's Back Bling, Squire Shield, is a shield with a red llama (with a red lion's body) in the middle. The left side of the shield is white and the right side is blue. The Shield is faded on the edges.


Blue Squire's Pickaxe, Axecalibur, is a double-sided axe with a little bit of red on the top.


Blue Squire's Glider is a normal Glider, but it has the same symbol on the Glider as on the Blue Squire's Back Bling.


  • He is the male counterpart for the Royale Knight skin.
  • He is a part of the Fort Knights set
  • Judging by his eyes, The Default Asian male was used as a model.
  • Blue Squire is based of knights.