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Suit up, it's time to protect the VIP! In Bodyguard, each squad has a VIP. Everyone else is a bodyguard sworn to defend them. If a squad’s VIP is eliminated then the whole squad is out.

VIPs are vulnerable. They’re marked to all enemies and can’t pick up weapons. But, they aren’t helpless either. VIPs spawn with a Legendary pistol and a rechargeable Revive Grenade.

— In-Game Description

Bodyguard is a Limited Time Mode in Fortnite: Battle Royale, added in Update v15.50. It released on March 12th, 2021.

LTM Rules and Gameplay

V.I.P. Icon Shown on the Minimap

  • Bodyguards spawn in with a Rare Submachine Gun while V.I.Ps spawn in with a Legendary Revolver and Legendary Revive Grenade.
    • Bodyguards can loot while VIPs however, cannot.
  • Each team has a VIP and (Duos 1, Trios 2 and Squads 3) Bodyguard(s). The V.I.P cannot take damage when downed.
  • Rapid Fire SMGs, Grapplers and Flare Guns can be found in this game mode.
  • Eliminate all Enemy VIPs to win the match.