The Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle is a weapon that can be found throughout the Battle Royale map. It deals 105-116 damage, which is enough to kill an unshielded person in one shot. A headshot damage can range from 210-232, which is enough to eliminate a fully shielded player. However, it is limited by its 1 ammo capacity, meaning that the player have to reload after each shot, even though it does not make sense as the model of the sniper is a 6-round magazine fed sniper. This gun needs Heavy Ammo to use.


With this rifle, it is best to wait until you have a clear shot of the enemy before firing. Guessing and missing a shot will delay your time to fire again, and will probably alert your opponent to your position. Also try to wait until the player you‘re targeting stops or pauses so you can get a good shot on them.


  • In Spy Games, the New Tech version can be found at Tier 8 for GHOST.


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