Bonesy is a Season 6 Epic Pet that is can be obtained from reaching tier 12 in the Season 6 Battle Pass.


Bonesy comes in 3 different colors. There is Tan (Original), White, and Dark Brown (Mocha).


  • Bonesy is one of the first Pets, including Camo and Scales.
  • Even though Bonesy, Camo, and Scales are considered Pets, they take up the Back Bling space in the Locker.
  • When you shoot or point your gun, Bonesy will put his ears down and start growling.
  • Bonesy is seen as a wooden puppet in the Season 7 cinematic. He is seen sleeping when Crackshot throws a Christmas tree. When the tree lands inches away, Bonesy wakes up, happy and bright-eyed.
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