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Bounty boards are found across the map, and are stationary, environmental devices. They were added to the game in Chapter 2: Season 6.

They cannot be obtained in the player inventory and cannot be destroyed.


Bounty boards allow players to start Bounties, where they have to eliminate a random player for a Bars reward. They replace getting a bounty from a Character, which was the original method to get a bounty. A Bounty is also a way to locate players and start a fight with the other teams.

You may only have one bounty active at a time and each bounty board has a timed cooldown for each player.


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  • You can use a bounty board to reveal enemy locations.
  • You can also use a bounty board to farm bars.


  • Bounty Boards are also a great way to find players as it tells you your bounties' rough location on the minimap.
  • Bounties are free - so you can activate as many as you want.
  • Upon completing a bounty during the 6-minute time period, you will receive 75 bars.
  • If a bounty is poached, you will receive 10 bars.
  • Each board can only be used once per player, and you can't use a board if you already have a bounty active.
  • Bounty Boards are also a Method of Gaining XP as they can be used to advance through the 'Complete Bounties' milestone easily.


Last Updated: Chapter 3: Season 3

Editor Note: Please Update with Newer locations

Number Location
1 Seven Outpost, northwest of Logjam Lumberyard.
2 Northeast of the Daily Bugle at the third Seven Outpost.
3 Floaties Boats south of Shifty Shafts.
4 Southeast of Coney Crossroads at the Seven Outpost.
5 Camp Cuddle near a vending machine.
6 At the Sanctuary.
7 Seven Outpost 4, just east of Sanctuary.
8 Located in the taco restaurant basement at Greasy Grove.
9 At the Joneses.
10 Southwest of Greasy Grove at a Seven Outpost.
11 Southeast of Rocky Reels outside of a white house.
12 South of Rocky Reels at the Butter Barn.
13 Seven Outpost south of Condo Canyon.
14 At Synapse Station.
15 Northeast of the Daily Bugle at a Replica of Sunny Steps.


Number Location
1 Inside the Car Park in Risky Reels.
2 North Section of Boney Burbs.
3 In the South East of Believer Beach.
4 On a House, Located on a Cliffside on the West of The Island.
5 North-West of Weeping Woods.
6 In Slurpy Swamp.
7 At Hydro 16.
8 West of Lockie's Lighthouse.
9 North of the Radio Station above Corny Crops.
10 South-East of The Aftermath.
11 North of Misty Meadows.
12 In Catty Corner.
13 East of Camp Cod.
14 On a Bridge nearby Retail Row.
15 In The Orchard.
16 South of Dirty Docks.
17 East of Stealthy Stronghold.
18 South of Steamy Stacks.


Chapter 2: Season 5

Chapter 2: Season 6

Chapter 3: Season 1

  • Update v19.00: Changed the number of bars obtained from poaching a bounty from 75 -> 10.
    • The number for an elimination remains the same.
  • Update v19.10: Added an icon on the minimap to indicate a nearby bounty board.