Brella is an Epic Umbrella in Fortnite: Battle Royale that can be obtained at Tier 5 of the Chapter 2: Season 3 Battle Pass. Like Gear Specialist Maya, it can be forged to your own style.

Cosmetic Review

To customise it to your liking, you must go to the Build-A-Brella in the Fortilla Hideout.  The choices consist of up to ten different parts of the Brella that can be changed. In order to have a chance to pick the choices, players must complete the requirements to pick the choices. Five choices can be unlocked within a level of the Battle Pass. The other choices must be obtained through a challenge every week. However, once players choose a style for the Brella, that style cannot be changed back, and also cannot change to anything else - The choice is permanent.


The Level Unlocks are:

  • Level 15 - Topper
  • Level 35 - Shaft
  • Level 55 - Canopy
  • Level 75 - Bottom Cap
  • Level 95 - Trail Effects Color

The Challenges are:

  • Starting June 25 - Topper Color
  • Starting July 12 - Shaft Color
  • Starting July 9 - Canopy Primary Color
  • Starting July 16 - Bottom Cap Color
  • Starting July 23 - Canopy Secondary Color


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