The future looks bright…
—In-game Description

Brite Bomber is a Rare Outfit that can be bought in the Item Shop for 1,200 V-Bucks. She is the female counterpart to Brite Gunner.


  • Brite Bomber is a extremely popular Outfit in the Fortnite community.
  • Her model is Ramirez.
  • The unicorn on Brite Bomber's shirt is the same one the Yee-Haw Outfit rides, except it has wings.
  • Brite Bomber has been seen in multiple Loading Screens including the adventures of Drift ones.
  • Brite Bomber can be seen in the Loading Screens: Dark Reflection, Brite Bomber, and Bombers.
  • This Outfit was last seen in the Item Shop on January 10tth, 2020.
  • She usually pairs up with her male counterpart, Brite Gunner, in the Item Shop.
  • Her other counterparts include Dark Bomber and Beach Bomber.
  • Brite Bomber is a part of the Sunshine & Rainbows set which includes the Brite Gunner Outfit, the Brite Blaster Outfit, the Beach Bomber Outfit, the Brite Bag Back Bling, the Brite Board Back Bling, the Rainbow Smash Harvesting Tool, the Brite Bashers dual Harvesting Tool, the Rainbow Rider Glider, the Payload Glider, the Brite Blimp Glider, the Rainbow Riot Wrap, the Brite Stars Wrap, the Brite Llama Loading Screen, and the Brite Bomber Loading Screen.
  • Her team in competitions is named “Sunshine Soldiers”.
  • Ever since its release date on December 15th, 2019, this Outfit has appeared in the Item Shop 49 times. She is one of the most reoccurring Outfit in Fortnite.


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