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Brutus' Basin was a Landmark in Fortnite: Battle Royale added in Chapter 2: Season 3 to the island Apollo. The basin is located in place of The Grotto South of Dirty Docks and North of Retail Row. This is because the entire Apollo island was flooded in C2S3 as a result of the failure of The Device event. The Landmark is currently the remains of The Grotto, with part of the landscape being changed by the energy coming from a crashed Abductor nearby.

The POI Is currently Destroyed and Flipped


Update v12.00

Update v12.10

  • Week 3 - The Grotto was turned into a SHADOW hideout. The layout of this new base is what will later become flooded and destroyed in the aftermath of The Device Event.

Update v13.00

  • The former POI is now completely inaccessible as a result of the island flooding, and has been renamed to "Brutus' Basin" as a Landmark. The ocean-facing gate has been shut and the watchtower is missing; the skull is almost completely submerged in water.

Update v13.20

  • July 1st (Stage 2) - no noticeable change is seen, but the skull is still peeking over the top of the water.
  • July 11th (Stage 3) - the skull's "nose" is now mostly above the water level, if not completely.
  • July 18th (Stage 4) - the top of the ocean-facing gateway is able to be seen poking above the water level.

Update v13.30

  • July 24th (Stage 5) - mostly the same - perhaps a bit more of the gate is able to be seen now.
  • July 27th (Stage 6) - the entirety of the skull's nose is now - if it wasn't before - exposed; more of the gate is uncovered.
  • July 30th (Stage 7) - what would be the skull's "mouth-area" is now able to be seen above the water; the gate is almost completely unflooded.
  • August 1st (Stage 8) - Brutus' Basin is completely uncovered by now, yet the top entrances remain flooded. Despite the rest of the map getting unflooded, and even through several events, the landmark remains inaccessible and flooded.

Update v14.60

  • The Henchbros have set up camp near Brutus' Basin, overlooking the ocean.

Update v15.00

Update v15.10

  • Snow has partially covered the landmark.

Update v15.20

  • January 6th - The snow has melted from Brutus' Basin.

Update v17.00

  • June 16th (Week 2) - An Alien Artifact can be found here on the upper pool of the landmark.

Update v17.10

  • June 26th - The Mothership completely overshadows the landmark on its path around the island for the first time.
  • July 8th - The Mothership now no longer fully covers Brutus' Basin with its shadow.

Update v18.00

  • Following the events of Operation: Sky Fire, and The Mothership being destroyed over the island, an Abductor crashed slightly North of the area, in between Brutus' Basin and Dirty Docks. As a result of this, much of the area is turned orange due to the energy given off by the Abductor and likely Alien Mothership debris littering the area. However, much of the Landmark, including the ocean-facing entrance, are unchanged.

Update v18.10

  • The water level slightly lowered in the larger skyward entrance, revealing more of the hatch door. Players must now build in order to get out if they wish to enter it.

The End

  • Brutus' Basin has been destroyed by a Golden Abductor in The End


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GHOST, SHADOW... What other secret history does this island hold?



  • The ocean-facing entrance is the last place on the Island where the SHADOW logo could be found, save for on Motorboats.
    • Interestingly, both places to find the SHADOW logo are different versions of the logo for the Faction.
  • The remains of The Grotto are not located under the water. This was proven when someone glitched through Brutus' Basin and didn't find any remains of The Grotto.
  • In the nose of the skull, you can find a chest with legs and arms made of yellow plastic.
  • There was speculation it would reopen in conjunction with Batman returning as an underground location, especially when leaks emerged for sounds relating to an underground area with bats - however, this never came to be, despite any possible rumors and leaks.