The Buccaneer's Bounty Challenges are a series of challenges during Season 8 in Fortnite: Battle Royale.


Challenge Reward
Visit a Pirate Camp in different matches [0/10]
Plunder - Glider - Fortnite.png

Plunder (Glider)
Search Buried Treasure [0/1]
Pirate Parrot - Spray - Fortnite.png

Pirates Parrot (Spray)
Place Top 10 in Squads with a friend [0/3]
Nautical Star (Banner)
Shoot yourself out of a Pirate Cannon in different matches [0/5]
XP - Icon - Fortnite.png 1,000 XP
Complete ALL 4 CHALLENGES to earn the reward item [0/4]
Boobytrapped - Emote - Fortnite.png

Boobytrapped (Emote)
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