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Build and activate Radar Towers
— In-Game Description

Build The Radar Grid is a mission that involves putting together a blueprint or grid of a tower. Seldomly Monsters can also spawn near a Radar Grid and prevent players from building the towers by either attacking the player or the tower as a distraction.


To build a radar grid, you will need at least one or more of the following resources. Build the tower according to the instructions to be able to activate the Radar Dish at the top.


1) Investigate Towers

  • Radio tower locations are marked on your map.

2) Build Radar Tower

  • Follow existing layout.

3) Activate!

  • Activate three radar dishes.

Possible Badges

  • Maximum Coverage. All additional Radar Towers were built! - Platinum Medal
  • Storm Forecaster. Radar Grid online with 50% more coverage! - Gold Medal

Successful Mission

Build The Radar Grid involves building 3 towers to complete the mission. There are also 2 additional towers that can be built for more rewards.


  • At the top of a built tower. A player can deposit BluGlo into the panel that will reveal a location either belonging to a lost Survivor, secret chest or even a place to mine rare ore.