The Burst Assault Rifle is unlike any other Assault Rifle because of its ability to shoot a 3-Round burst.


Season 1

  • The Burst AR is added as one of the first weapons in Fortnite.

Season 4

  • Epic and Legendary rarities were added.

Season 7

  • Burst AR was vaulted from Battle Royale.

Season 9

Chapter 2: Season 1

  • The Common to Rare rarities are reskinned to look like the old Epic and Legendary variants, while Epic and Legendary rarities are unvaulted and remodeled with a totally new skin.


  • The Common to Rare models are based off the real life FAMAS (and the IMI Galil for Chapter 1).
  • The Epic and Legendary models are based off the real-life AUG (and the FAMAS for Chapter 1).
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