Butter Barn was an Unnamed Location in the Chapter 2: Season 5 map and was removed when Chapter 2: Season 6 came out. It was where you could find Mancake. Mancake would give you bounties for Bars.

If damaged, Mancake would attack you. Upon elimination, Mancake will drop a common Tactical Shotgun.

When entering the Butter Barn, you used to hear a old western style song playing throughout the Butter Barn, which repeated the same lyrics: "Come on down to the Butter Barn." It is an edited version of the full song, the Lobby Music, Butter Barn Hoedown.

During the Zero Crisis Finale Event, if the player equipped the Wolverine skin and used the Built-In Emote, Snikt!, they would be able to harvest there way into the Butter Barn. Interestingly, this version is noticeably lacking in furnishings.

When Chapter 2: Season 6 released on March 16, 2021, Butter Barn was removed and replaced with some orange grassland with trees and flowers.


The Butter Barn had two nearby motorboats floating alongside the stream.

Many used these boats as transportation to nearby areas such as Salty Towers, Colossal Colosseum, or Lazy Lake.

The Butter Barn had two pickup trucks, one in the drive thru, and one outside the front of the Butter Barn.

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