Calamity is a Season 6 Legendary skin. She is only available from reaching tier 2 in the Battle Pass.


Calamity has 5 stages. Her 1st stage is the default skin. Her 2nd stage is where she gets leather pants, a leather pants, a green Bandana (covering her mouth), and the stripe on her hat turned black. Her 3rd stage is where she gets gloves, a belt, and a silver bull head on her hat. Her 4th form is where she gets bullet shells on her belt and a mini poncho on her shoulder. Her 4th stage is where she gets a coat. Her 5th stage is where her hat, coat, and mini poncho on her shoulder start glowing and she gains a misty effect.


Loading Screens


  • Her male counterpart is Deadfire
  • She is a part of the Western Wilds set
  • On her Loading Screen, one of her pictures is singed with green fire. Her male counterpart, Deadfire, has a reactive effect. When you get a kill with the Deadfire skin, his eyes go ablaze with green fire.
  • In her Loading Screen, Calamity is holding the default pickaxe instead of her Pickaxe, Reckoning.