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Camp Cod was a landmark in Fortnite: Battle Royale, added in Chapter 2: Season 1, on the Apollo island. It was located inside co-ordinates F8 and G8 - South-East of Misty Meadows, South of Catty Corner.

It was a small island connected by a bridge with storage areas for what seems to be old objects from the Athena island.

This location could spawn up to 18 chests. In Chapter 2: Season 6, Bunker Jonesy, Jules and Dire could also be found as Characters here.

In Chapter 2: Season 7, a flying saucer was hidden among bushes here, in its own landmark called Lonely Lander.


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Chapter 2: Season 6

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Chapter 2: Season 8

The End: The island flipped revealing the Artemis island and removing the Apollo island


  • The objects from the Athena that can be found stored here are The Big Shots sign from Retail Row, a fountain from Lazy Lagoon, A Durr Burger sign, a café sign from Lucky Landing, a broken clock from Tilted Towers, a lion statue from Gotham City, a diner seat and a picture from Dusty Divot, a car compactor from Junk Junction, the entry sign and a campground sign from Lonely Lodge, and a temple statue from Sunny Steps
  • In Chapter 2: Season 2, the location was turned into a fortress with the bridge entrance being boarded off. "Welcome to the Lodge" was replaced with "Private Property" and "Leave". The most east building had become a training ground. Practice dummies and targets had been scattered across the map. Posters for "Join GHOST" were also found in the training building.
    • This likely meant it has become a base/outpost for GHOST
    • These changes soon disappeared.
    • This is one of the largest landmarks on the current island.
      • It has the qualities of a named location, like size and chest spawns, but is likely not due to the location mostly being outside the storm eye.
    • This has one of the highest amounts of AIs and NPCs in Chapter 2: Season 5, featuring IO Guards, sharks, Dire, Jules, and sometimes Bunker Jonesy.
    • The car from Ghostbusters can be found inside the beige and gray shed, and hitting it will cause it to make the sound it makes in the movie.
  • A Bunker Chest was located in the basement of the house in Chapter 2: Season 6.