Camp Cod is a landmark in Fortnite: Battle Royale, added in Chapter 2: Season 1, on the Apollo island. It is located inside co-ordinates F8 and G8 - South-East of Misty Meadows, South of Catty Corner.

It is a small island connected by a bridge with storage areas for what seems to be old objects from the Athena island.

This location can spawn up to 18 chests. Bunker Jonesy and Jules can also be found as Characters here.


  • The objects from the Athena that can be found stored here are The Big Shots sign from Retail Row, a fountain from Lazy Lagoon, A Durr Burger sign, a cafe sign from Lucky Landing, a broken clock from Tilted Towers, a lion statue from Gotham City, a diner seat and a picture from Dusty Divot, a car compactor from Junk Junction, the entry sign and a campground sign from Lonely Lodge, and a temple statue from Sunny Steps
  • In Chapter 2: Season 2, the location was turned into a fortress with the bridge entrance being boarded off. "Welcome to the Lodge" was replaced with "Private Property" and "Leave". The most east building had become a training ground. Practice dummies and targets had been scattered across the map. Posters for "Join GHOST" were also found in the training building.
    • This likely meant it has become a base/outpost for E.G.O.
    • These changes soon disappeared.
    • This is one of the largest landmarks on the current island.
      • It has the qualities of a named location, like size and chest spawns, but is likely not due to the location mostly being outside the storm eye.
    • This has one of the highest amounts of AIs and NPCs in Chapter 2: Season 5, featuring IO Guards, sharks, and sometimes Bunker Jonesy.
    • The car from Ghostbusters can be found inside the beige and gray shed, and hitting it will cause it to make the sound it makes in the movie
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