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The Caretaker was an AI in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It was introduced in Update v18.21.


Formerly, at the start of the match three Caretakers spawn at random open areas and begin to traverse the map, while being mostly invisible. Their locations are indicated with symbols on the map.

When alerted, If the place is suitable for battle the Caretaker would create a Sideways bubble and the player will be pulled in. He cannot receive damage outside of the bubble. His hole in the chest is the weak spot, hitting it will count as a headshot.


Caretaker can attack players in three ways:

  • Beam Attack: After a short charge-up, a pink laser beam comes out of his chest, dealing 8 damage per tick.
  • Smash Attack: Caretaker slams the ground, the shockwave damage depends on how far the player is (20 to 60 damage).
  • Snap Attack: A pink electric web will come out of his hand and will stun the player for a second, dealing 20 damage.


The Caretaker drops 5 Legendary weapons, Healing Items and Cube Monster Parts when eliminated.



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The End

During The End event, multiple Caretakers were unleashed by The Cube Queen as the island was being covered with Cubes. They were pushed off with the assistance of Rebooted Cube, The Visitor and The Scientist.
Later on, as the player approaches the epicenter of the island, a massive Caretaker smashes a seemingly indestructible skylight causing the player to emerge in the ocean, far from the Island.


  • Caretakers become vulnerable in any Sideways bubbles.
  • It can walk on water.
  • It can walk through buildings and builds, destroying everything in his path.
  • Any AIs, excluding Zombies and Sideways Monsters, will alert and get alerted by Caretaker.
  • Interestingly, it will fight other Caretakers if they get close enough.
  • They cannot be moved by the use of Shockwave Launchers.
  • During The End, Caretakers that were sent to eliminate the players were slightly weaker than in normal playlists, lacking their Beam and Snap attacks and having less health.