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Catty Corner is a Named Location in Fortnite: Battle Royale added in Chapter 2: Season 3, located inside of the coordinate G7, southeast of Lazy Lake.

Catty Corner consists of a gas station and a fortified cat home. It had a vault to the right of the main building which could have been opened by using the Catty Corner Keycard obtained from eliminating Kit in Chapter 2: Season 3. You could also obtain Kit's Charge Shotgun and Kit's Shockwave Launcher. A building near Catty Corner that was under construction since Chapter 2: Season 2, was revealed to be a "Big Shots!" Café Shop in Update v15.10.


Quest Rarity Description Reward
Harvest Stone from Catty Corner Uncommon 10K XP - Icon - Fortnite.png
Plant the evidence in Catty Corner or Flush Factory [3] Epic 20K XP - Icon - Fortnite.png

Map Changes

Update v13.00

  • Catty Corner was added to the map.

Update v13.40

  • August 22nd: A Rift appeared in the sky above the POI.

Update v14.00

  • Catty Corner was seemingly abandoned, with Kit and all Henchmen patrolling the area now missing, presumably retreating due to Iron Man and co. exiting out of a rift.

Update v15.00

  • Kit has returned to Catty Corner as a Character. You can talk to him, and one of the options you can choose when doing so is to duel him. Confirming the duel will make him become a Boss, and shockwave you away before he starts fighting you with his Epic Heavy Assault Rifle that he will drop upon elimination.
  • A small garage has been added next to the gas station.

Update v15.10

  • December 15th: Catty Corner was covered in snow.
  • January 10th: The snow at Catty Corner has melted.

Update v15.40

  • Wacky Inflatables have appeared at Catty Corner.

Update v16.20