Challenge Quests are repetitive quests that reward mostly V-Bucks. Some challenges comes in 20 stages. Later stages require a more challenging task.

You can earn a total of 2600 V-Bucks over time just from repeating these Challenges.

Quest Name Quest Description Quest Reward

Loot Legend

  • Open 1,000 Treasure Chests in successful missions
  • 1 Loot Legend Homebase Banner

Eldritch Abominations

  • Kill "X" Mist Monsters in successful missions
  • 1 Active Powercell

Hold The Door!

  • Complete "X" Storm Shield Defenses

Mission Accomplished

  • Complete "X" Missions

Leave No One Behind

  • Save "X" Survivors in successful missions

Toxic Treasures

  • Destroy "X" Mimics in successful missions
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