Chapter 2: Season 1, also known as Drop In to a New World, or A New World, was an update for Fortnite: Battle Royale released on October 15, 2019.

The theme represented the new beginning of a new story, and the cost of the Battle Pass for this season was 950 V-Bucks, the same for the 10th time in a row.

The Battle Pass this time has been reworked to function like the Chapter 1: Season 1 Battle Pass.

How did it start?

The storyline began from what started in Season X.

Throughout Season X, the Visitor began using Dusty Depot to make Rift Beacons that could alter POIs. On Week 7, Dusty Depot’s white warehouse became the construction point for the Rocket 2.0, for “The End” event. Throughout The End event, the rocket created another Crack in the Sky but disappeared after some time. A rocket appeared from one of the rifts above the Rift Zones and roamed around the island as other rockets came along. Then a rocket created one rift at the back of The Meteor, and the other in front of it, the other rockets followed and made a loop for The Meteor to get into. Another rift appeared over Loot Lake, a rocket appeared and became the same laser from The Rocket Event and entered The Zero Point, as all players we're blasted back. Another rift appeared as all the other rockets surround the meteor came down above Loot Lake, as the other rockets flew and proceeded to exit the island. The Meteor came down and tried to destroy it, but the rift barrier tried to fight back and pushes it upwards, but fails to do so, as The Meteor completely destroys it, sending all players outside the island. Eventually, The Zero Point starts to suck everything into it, including the Tomatohead, the Battle Bus, the lobby, and everything on the island, even the player, starts to suck everything into the Zero Point, closing off that dimension and the island itself, forever, setting the stage for Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 1.

Welcome to Chapter 2

The black hole fades away and the screen strolls through the time orb from the Season X trailer. They are taken to a new island and a new storyline begins immediately. A Plane has crashed near Sweaty Sands and 4 new characters are introduced: Turk, Journey, 8-Ball & Rippley, who are part of the E.G.O Team. They venture into the new world, walking along the river dam near Slurpy Swamp, fish for weapons, and, at Steamy Stacks, Rippley drinks Kevin-contaminated water. After that, they climb Mount Kay to see the entirety of the new map. But their attention is turned to an incoming Battle Bus. All the new skins and old favorites have a dance party as Jonesy hops out of the bus. What happens after is currently unknown, but what we do know is that the E.G.O.’’s are not the only team on the island, A.L.T.E.R. are the villains and are believed to be the incarnation of the Zero Point.   

New Features

Battle Royale

  • New map
  • New progression system: Battle Stars are no more, gain XP to progress.
  • Fishing: You can use the new fishing rod item to catch some fish that can heal you.
  • Swimming: You can also dive in water without worrying about fall damage.
  • Hiding: Select props can be used as hiding spots.
  • Upgrade Bench: Found in certain POIs, you can spend materials to upgrade the weapon 1 rarity higher.

Loot and Items

  • Two-Slot Items: The first of this type is the Bandage Bazooka.
  • Rare Chest: A blue chest that guarantees an Epic or Legendary weapon.
  • Large Ammo Box: It contains more ammo and a consumable.
  • Mythic Items (Returned for the extremely rare Mythic Goldfish)


  • Synced Emotes: Activate the emote and regardless if another player has it or not, they can copy for an additional effect. The first of this type is High Five.
  • Creator Collab Series: Includes all celebrity-based cosmetics

Battle Pass

The Battle Pass has changed. The tier progression system is reverted to the XP progression system in Chapter 1: Season 1. This means Battle Stars are removed from the game, and XP is required to progress the Battle Pass. You get 1,500 V-Bucks from the Battle Pass, more than every other season individually. You still have the same 100 tiers, but for the first time, you can go further than Tier 100 but don’t get any rewards.

All outfits this season (except the Fusion outfit, which is merged) have an alter ego style. Hence, the skins have a ‘vs.’ in its name to indicate the two names of the skin, the regular and the alter ego version.

Battle Pass tiers

Journey - Outfit - Fortnite
Turk - Outfit - Fortnite
Tackle Box - Back Bling - Fortnite
Headshot - Emoticon - Fortnite
Riptide - Wrap - Fortnite
Angler Axes - Pickaxe - Fortnite
Journey vs Hazard
Level 1
Turk vs Riptide
Level 1
Tackle Box
Level 3
Level 7
Level 8
Angler Axes
Level 10
Journey - Spray - Fortnite
Nutcracker Crew - Loading Screen - Fortnite
Sky Trawler - Glider - Fortnite
High Five - Emote - Fortnite
Rippley - Outfit - Fortnite
Wiggle Trooper - Loading Screen - Fortnite
Level 11
Nutcracker Crew
Level 13
Sky Trawler
Level 14
High Five
Level 16
Rippley vs Sludge
Level 20
Wiggle Trooper
Level 21
Bees! - Spray - Fortnite
Slurpstream - Contrail - Fortnite
Final Harvest - Loading Screen - Fortnite
Rippley - Wrap - Fortnite
Checkered Flag - Emoticon - Fortnite
Droop - Emote - Fortnite
Level 23
Level 24
Final Harvest
Level 27
Level 28
Checkered Flag
Level 29
Level 30
Western Wilds Duo - Loading Screen - Fortnite
Zero Point - Contrail - Fortnite
Pink - Spray - Fortnite
Skull Reaper - Loading Screen - Fortnite
Sludgehammer - Pickaxe - Fortnite
Remedy - Outfit - Fortnite
Western Wilds Duo
Level 32
Zero Point
Level 34
Level 35
Skull Reaper
Level 37
Level 38
Remedy vs Toxin
Level 40
Antidote - Back Bling - Fortnite
Sky Session - Loading Screen - Fortnite
Cameo - Wrap - Fortnite
Wavy T - Emote - Fortnite
The End - Music - Fortnite
Mecha Intensity - Loading Screen - Fortnite
Level 42
Sky Session
Level 43
Level 44
Wavy T
Level 47
The End
Level 48
Mecha Intensity
Level 49
Medaxe - Pickaxe - Fortnite
Wink - Emoticon - Fortnite
Crazy Eight - Glider - Fortnite
Battle Pass X - Loading Screen - Fortnite
Hula Hoopin' - Emote - Fortnite
8 Ball - Outfit - Fortnite
Level 50
Level 53
Crazy Eight
Level 54
Battle Pass X
Level 55
Hula Hoopin'
Level 58
8 Ball vs Scratch
Level 60
Ball Bling - Back Bling - Fortnite
U-Turn - Emoticon - Fortnite
8-Ball - Wrap - Fortnite
Bank Shots - Pickaxe - Fortnite
Spectrum - Contrail - Fortnite
Drift Print - Loading Screen - Fortnite
Ball Bling
Level 62
Level 63
Level 64
Bank Shots
Level 67
Level 68
Drift Print
Level 69
Doggo - Spray - Fortnite
Metalmark - Glider - Fortnite
Elemental - Loading Screen - Fortnite
Hot Drop - Emoticon - Fortnite
Blade Bag - Back Bling - Fortnite
Cameo - Outfit - Fortnite
Level 73
Level 74
Level 75
Hot Drop
Level 77
Blade Bag
Level 78
Cameo vs Chic
Level 80
Highlight Strikers - Pickaxe - Fortnite
Demi - Loading Screen - Fortnite
Solid Groove - Music - Fortnite
Boing! - Emote - Fortnite
DNA - Contrail - Fortnite
Squid Up - Spray - Fortnite
Highlight Strikers
Tier 82
Tier 83
Solid Groove
Tier 84
Tier 86
Tier 88
Squid Up
Tier 89
Fusion Coil - Glider - Fortnite
Kindred Bears - Loading Screen - Fortnite
Fusion Orb - Back Bling - Fortnite
Xev - Wrap - Fortnite
Eternal Dominance - Loading Screen - Fortnite
Fusion Scythe - Pickaxe - Fortnite
Fusion Coil
Level 90
Kindred Bears
Level 91
Fusion Orb
Level 94
Level 96
Eternal Dominance
Level 97
Fusion Scythe
Level 98
Fusion - Outfit - Fortnite
Level 100

Free tiers

E.G.O. - Spray - Fortnite
Mecha Punch - Loading Screen - Fortnite
Respect The Peace - Emote - Fortnite
Slurp GG - Emoticon - Fortnite
Storm Shredder - Music - Fortnite
Basecamp Bag - Back Bling - Fortnite
Level 2
Mecha Punch
Level 4
Respect The Peace
Level 6
Slurp GG
Level 15
Storm Shredder
Level 18
Basecamp Bag
Level 22
Boulder Breakers - Pickaxe - Fortnite
Base Jumper - Glider - Fortnite
Kiss - Emoticon - Fortnite
A.L.T.E.R. - Spray - Fortnite
Billiards - Contrail - Fortnite
Neon Tomato - Loading Screen - Fortnite
Boulder Breakers
Level 26
Base Jumper
Level 36
Level 41
Level 51
Level 56
Neon Tomato
Level 61
8-Ball - Spray - Fortnite
Sharpshooter - Emote - Fortnite
Chic - Wrap - Fortnite
Llamafields - Loading Screen - Fortnite
No Scope - Emoticon - Fortnite
Level 66
Level 71
Level 76
Level 87
No Scope
Level 93

Achievement rewards

Downpour - Umbrella - Fortnite
Victory Royale


When players log into the game, a message from the Visitor will be shown in the bottom left of the black hole. After the coded message, the loop stops, and the black hole leads up to the time orb being a galaxy. New skins, such as Rippley, Journey, and Turk, find themselves in an unincorporated island which turns out to be the new map. The Battle Bus arrives and all the skins party, such as the Cuddle Team Leader making a cameo. Jonesy hops out of the bus and the game begins, if you're watching the trailer in-game. The following locations will be staying.

Chapter 2 season 1 map - fortnite

Map Changes

Week 1

Alongside with the familiar faces, new locations also joined in:

Week 3

The first major map change occurred in the Eye Land landmark, as it turned into the Isle of the Storm for Fortnitemares. It removed the houses and added in some craters for easy movement.

Week 4

The Isle of the Storm has been reverted to Eye Land.

Unofficial Patch Notes

We lost Patch Notes in Chapter 2! Add some information here about changes to the game during Chapter 2: Season 1.


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