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Chapter 2: Season 3, also known as Season 13 in the game files, with the slogan "Splashdown!", was the thirteenth season of Fortnite: Battle Royale, which started on June 17th, 2020, and ended on August 26th, 2020.

Previously the start date was going to be on April 30th, 2020, but was delayed multiple times to June 17th, 2020.

The theme revolved around water, aquatics and summer.

Previously, in Fortnite...

In Chapter 2 Season 2, The Agency, The Rig, The Grotto, The Shark and The Yacht took over the Fortnite map with two different organizations: A.L.T.E.R and E.G.O, and a third organization called The Agency that collects intel from both sides. With A.L.T.E.R was Brutus, TNTina and Meowscles. With E.G.O was Midas (formerly, undercover), Deadpool and Skye.

On 15 of June, The Device event took place and destroyed The Agency which then became an A.L.T.E.R. base. The Storm was replaced by The Wall Of Water.

How did it start?

The new storm variation titled "The Wall of Water" caused by The Device (event) had collapsed, flooding the entire map.

The introduction to the season begins with Midas lying on a raft. A shark appeared and ate him presumably killing him. Then, we saw that Meowscles was in fact controlling this shark with a fishing rod and was riding on skis behind. He passed a floating bar where Ocean was fighting Brutus, she punched his head and knocked him out cold taking his helmet off in one blow, she then grabbed the Helmet and waved to Meowscles. Next, Aquaman emerged on a giant Flopper to fist-bump Meowscles. This abruptly ended as Aquaman spotted that they were about to crash, he pointed it out and left. Meowscles just about saved it but went onto The Brat's barbecue and his skis caught fire. He then flew through a floating caravan, coming out holding Jellie and his skis no longer on fire. Afterwards, he swerved through some junk and used a ramp to jump, while doing this he threw Jellie behind him. Then, he landed on the Stonewall surrounding The Authority which Jules was still building, he skid right through the wet cement and used a passing Choppa as a ride. However, Blaze started charging a Charge Shotgun, and Meowscles let go of the Chopa in fear. He landed back on water between two motorboats that collided with each other and exploded.

Finally, Meowscles ended his journey, arriving at The Fortilla.

Battle Pass

The Battle Pass cost 950 V-Bucks like always and the Battle Bundle cost 2,800 V-Bucks as well. Its Tab received a new water-themed hideout, where you could access Weekly Challenges, Style Challenges, the Battle Pass, and a new feature - Build-A-Brella.

Battle Pass Outfits


Battle Pass

Ocean - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Fade - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Sky Swimmers - Contrail - Fortnite.png
Brella - Umbrella - Fortnite.png
Ocean Wave - Wrap - Fortnite.png
Shark Ride - Music - Fortnite.png
Level 1
Level 1
Sky Swimmers
Level 3
Level 5
Ocean Wave
Level 7
Shark Ride
Level 8
Tide Axes - Pickaxe - Fortnite.png
V-Bucks - Icon - Fortnite.png
Top Sail - Glider - Fortnite.png
From The Deep - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
Crabby King - Spray - Fortnite.png
V-Bucks - Icon - Fortnite.png
Tide Axes
Level 10
100x V-Bucks
Level 12
Top Sail
Level 14
From The Deep!
Level 16
Crabby King
Level 17
100x V-Bucks
Level 19
Scuba Jonesy - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Air Shredder - Emote - Fortnite.png
Shark marine emoticon.png
Waterfall - Contrail - Fortnite.png
V-Bucks - Icon - Fortnite.png
Waterwings - Glider - Fortnite.png
Scuba Jonesy
Level 20
Air Shredder
Level 21
Level 22
Level 24
100x V-Bucks
Level 26
Level 27
I Call Shotgun - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
Eon Blades - Harvesting Tool - Fortnite.png
V-Bucks - Icon - Fortnite.png
Meowabunga! - Spray - Fortnite.png
Convergence - Glider - Fortnite.png
Eternal Bloom - Emoticon - Fortnite .png
I Call Shotgun
Level 29
Eon Blades
Level 30
100x V-Bucks
Level 32
Level 34
Level 36
Eternal Bloom
Level 37
V-Bucks - Icon - Fortnite.png
Jules - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Master Engineer - Spray - Fortnite.png
Ohm's Perch - Back Bling - Fortnite.png
Get Fixed - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
Industrious - Wrap - Fortnite.png
100x V-Bucks
Level 39
Level 40
Master Engineer
Level 41
Ohm’s Perch
Level 42
Get Fixed
Level 44
Level 45
Wrenchers - Harvesting Tool - Fortnite.png
V-Bucks - Icon - Fortnite.png
Ohm - Glider - Fortnite.png
Fade (Voyager) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
The Lab - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
Ohm's Revenge - Emoticon - Fortnite.png
Level 46
100x V-Bucks
Level 47
Level 49
Fade (Voyager)
Level 50
The Lab
Level 51
Ohm's Revenge
Level 52
Tippy Tap - Emote - Fortnite.png
Mecha Fish - Spray - Fortnite.png
V-Bucks - Icon - Fortnite.png
Kit - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Fishy Flier - Glider - Fortnite.png
Cloud Cat - Emoticon - Fortnite.png
Tippy Tap
Level 54
Mecha Fish
Level 57
100x V-Bucks
Level 59
Level 60
Fishy Flier
Level 61
Cloud Cat
Level 62
Meowstermind - Wrap - Fortnite.png
V-Bucks - Icon - Fortnite.png
Photon - Contrail - Fortnite.png
Keyed up.png
SK8-Bit - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
Power Claws - Harvesting Tool - Fortnite.png
Level 64
100x V-Bucks
Level 65
Level 66
Keyed Up
Level 67
Level 69
Power Claws
Level 70
V-Bucks - Icon - Fortnite.png
Beyond Zero - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
Fade out.png
Mini Moon - Back Bling - Fortnite.png
V-Bucks - Icon - Fortnite.png
Level 71
100x V-Bucks
Level 72
Beyond Zero
Level 74
Fade Out
Level 76
Mini Moon
Level 77
100x V-Bucks
Level 79
Siona (Icon) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Sightseer - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
Vizion Strikers - Harvesting Tool - Fortnite.png
Knight Slice - Emoticon - Fortnite.png
Planetary Vibe - Emote - Fortnite.png
V-Bucks - Icon - Fortnite.png
Level 80
Level 81
Vizion Strikers
Level 82
Knight Slice
Level 83
Planetary Vibe
Level 84
100x V-Bucks
Level 86
Knight Flight - Contrail - Fortnite.png
Honor - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
Billy Listen - Music - Fortnite.png
Comet Crasher - Glider - Fortnite.png
Reliant Blades - Harvesting Tool - Fortnite.png
V-Bucks - Icon - Fortnite.png
Knight Flight
Level 87
Level 88
Billy Listen
Level 89
Comet Crasher
Level 90
Reliant Blades
Level 91
100x V-Bucks
Level 93
Stormy - Emote - Fortnite.png
Blade Raven - Glider - Fortnite.png
Eternal Shield - Back Bling - Fortnite.png
Eternal Knight - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Fade (Masked) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Level 94
Blade Raven
Level 96
Eternal Shield
Level 98
Eternal Knight
Level 100
Fade (Masked)
Level 100

Free Pass

Flippin' Away - Emote - Fortnite.png
V-Bucks - Icon - Fortnite.png
Beachcomber - Back Bling - Fortnite.png
Beyond The Waves - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
Orienteer - Emoticon - Fortnite.png
Undercurrent - Wrap - Fortnite.png
Flippin' Away
Level 2
100x V-Bucks
Level 4
Level 6
Beyond The Waves
Level 9
Level 13
Level 18
Deep Dive - Back Bling - Fortnite.png
Hammerhead - Spray - Fortnite.png
So Square.png
Dive Knives - Harvesting Tool - Fortnite.png
Stardrop - Contrail - Fortnite.png
Banger - Music - Fortnite.png
Deep Dive
Level 23
Level 28
So Square
Level 33
Dive Knives
Level 38
Level 43
Level 48
V-Bucks - Icon - Fortnite.png
Floatsburg - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
Infinite Bloom - Back Bling - Fortnite.png
Star Strider - Glider - Fortnite.png
Knight's Helm - Spray - Fortnite.png
Sigil Red - Wrap - Fortnite.png
100x V-Bucks
Level 53
Level 58
Infinite Bloom
Level 63
Star Strider
Level 73
Knight's Helm
Level 85
Sigil Red
Level 92
V-Bucks - Icon - Fortnite.png
100x V-Bucks
Level 99

Achievement Rewards

Fortilla Flier - Glider - Fortnite.png
Fortilla Flier
Victory Royale

Aquaman Challenges

Aquaman - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Aquaman’s Trident - Pickaxe - Fortnite.png
King of the Beach - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
Trident! Spray.png
Supreme Shell - Back Bling - Fortnite.png
Aquaman Challenges
Aquaman's Trident
Aquaman Challenges
King of the Beach
Aquaman Challenges
Aquaman Challenges
Supreme Shell
Aquaman Challenges

Style Challenges

Aquaman (Arthur Curry) - Fortnite.png
Fade (Voyager) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Fade (Masked) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Ocean (Riptide) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Ocean (Cove Rider) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Scuba Jonesy (Tactical) - Fortnite.png
Aquaman (Arthur Curry) Fade (Voyager) Fade (Masked) Ocean (Riptide) Ocean (Cove Rider) Scuba Jonesy (Tactical)
Scuba Jonesy (Advanced) - Fortnite.png
Jules (Welder) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Jules (Shadow) - Outift - Fortnite.png
Kit (Happy) - Fortnite.png
Kit (Action) - Fortnite.png
Nova Siona.png
Scuba Jonesy (Advanced) Jules (Welder) Jules (Shadow) Kit (Happy) Kit (Action) Siona (Nova)
Blue Siona.png
Eternal Knight (Black) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Eternal Knight (Gold) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Siona (Blue) Eternal Knight (Black) Eternal Knight (Gold)

Map Changes

Chapter 2 Season 3 - Discovered Map - Fortnite.jpeg

  • The map was flooded, making almost half of the map filled with water. As the season progressed, the water level decreased.

New Features & Changes

  • Added Sharks! Using a Fishing Rod, you can control Sharks that occasionally spawn on the map and ski on the water with them. But beware! They might bite you!
  • Added whirlpools, jump in the middle to swirl and fly up high in the sky, then deploy your glider!
  • There is a new type of enemy, Marauders. They come in five landing pods, which appear in the number of five by a rift.
  • New weapons have been added: Charge Shotgun, charge it to deal TONS of damage!
  • The Rapid Fire SMG has a new Legendary Rarity that can only be obtained through sidegrading or Henchman Chests.
  • Consumables like the Slurp Mushroom or Bananas can be found in Ice Chests - They can now be picked up and stored. Added Cabbage and Corn Foraged Items too. On top of this, Ice Chests give more items. They can now be picked up and stored.
  • 3 bosses (Kit, Jules, & Ocean) replace all previous ones.
  • A loot loaded Pawntoon has appeared. It always moves around and is not shown on the map.
  • The water receded around the map, and drivable cars appeared.



Brand new Mythic items!

Weekly Challenges


13.10 Patch Notes (June 23rd)

13.20 Patch Notes (June 30th)

Item Changes

  • Submachine Gun
    • All variants' fire rate reduced to 10.
    • Epic & Legendary's magazine size set to 35.
    • Reload speed for Epic & Legendary decreased from 3.1 and 3.0 to 2.2 and 2.1.
  • Charge Shotgun
    • Epic & Legendary's magazine size set to 4.
    • Above the reticle there is now a charge bar which indicates you when it's fully charged.
  • Hand Cannon
    • Got a new texture.
  • Ocean's Burst Assault Rifle
    • damage increased from 37 to 39.
  • Foraged Items
    • Gathering is now instant.
  • Vaulted


  • Upgrade Bench
    • Now has a health of 400.
    • When destroyed you can pick it up.
    • You can replace it at any time and acts the same.
    • You can now sidegrade a Common Submachine Gun to a Common Rapid-Fire SMG.
    • Added sound effect when upgrading so anyone can hear you.
  • Lobby
    • Locker
      • New UI.
  • In-game on the emote wheel, if the emote is Synced, Build-in or Traversal an icon will be shown next to the emote's name.
  • Marauders
    • Marauders doesn't count in Storm Surge anymore.
    • They now drop better guns.
  • The Storm
    • New fog and weather added.
      • Makes it very hard to see.
      • Not added on mobile.

Map Changes

  • A group of islands has appeared near Sharky Shell. A group of coral buddies for a secret quest to make civilization.
  • A crane has appeared near the Yellow Steel Bridge and has lifted one of the crashed trucks.
  • Multiple posters have been set up in Lazy Lake featuring unique vehicles.
  • Some helipads have been taken down around the island.
  • July 1st: The water level decreased, clearing water from areas such as Salty Springs, Steamy Stacks, most of Frenzy Farm, and parts of multiple landmarks. Some locations have also been slightly relocated and some small locations have vanished.
  • The gas tanks in the Catty Corner gas station have changed to a different type of gas tank.
  • A dance pad was set up in the filming area at Sweaty Sands.
  • July 11th: The water level decreased further, clearing water from areas such as Risky Reels as well as other landmarks, and has also caused random areas to move or vanish.
  • August 1st:: The water level fully decreased, unflooding Coral Castle, and the water near Slurpy Swamp is now muddy. Other changes are yet to be noted.


  • This season had the most Jonesy skins: Scuba Jonesy, Relaxed Fit Jonesy, and Castaway Jonesy, prior to Agent Jonesy's appearance during the Doomsday event, or better well known as The Device.
  • This season's Battle Pass was the first to include Uncommon Contrails.
  • This is the first season to have a teaser for a secret Battle Pass outfit.
  • On June 1st, Sony/PlayStation accidentally leaked the pre-cover for Season 3.
  • This season is currently the last season to be playable on iOS devices due to the ban of Fortnite on said devices after the Epic-Apple Lawsuit.
  • This is the first season since Season 6 that did not give players the chance to earn the showcase art as a Loading Screen.


Teasers 1-2 show Aquaman's Trident, which teased Aquaman. They were posted straightly after The Device event finished. It was also first speculated to be Peely or Oro's arm.

Teasers 3-4 shows Siona holding the Mini Moon Back Bling, although you cannot see her fully.

Teasers 5-6 show the cruise deck in The Fortilla which is now the main-living area on the map and the hideout for the Battle Pass tab.

Teasers 7-8 show first a scooter, then the Happy style of Kit on the scooter.

Finally, it is revealed that Ohm, Jules' glider and back bling, is in the fact the thing that is taking these pictures.

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