A Chest in Battle Royale is the most common source of gaining loot. These chests can contain healing items, weaponry, Traps, and Crafting Ingredients.


  • Chests can be found in towns, cities, forests, parks, industrial areas, hills, mountains, broken houses, on top of structures, and boats.
  • Chests will give off a distinct shining sound when you get close to them. This sound can help locate where the chest is.
  • Chests will always contain the following:
    • A gun or other projectile weapon.
    • Ammo for the gun (if applicable).
    • A consumable item.
    • 30 Wood, Stone, or Metal.
  • An example of loot from a chest can be seen below:

The Block

The Block is a player made creation. Located in the block, a unique chest can be found! Inside of this unique chest unfolds legendary loot. This chest (level 6) is also seen in Fortnite's Save The World Edition.

The block turtle
Chest level 6
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