Chests with treasures can be found on any Save The World map. The competition to find chests in a public lobby are at large.

Looking for Chests

Chests have their own unique sounds. It's important to listen to your gameplay sounds. If you hear a chest but don't see it, chances are the chest is either above, below or across from you in a ceiling, a basement, or even a wall.

Most chests are found in hidden places that require breaking walls.

Keep an eye out for chests that may be located on top of houses/buildings. These tend to be common places for chests. Although most of the chests you may find in the open are levels 1-4. It isn't impossible to find a level 5-6 chest in the open. However it is uncommon.


Typical Locations: Level 1-5 chests

  • Rooftops
  • Caves
  • Inside houses/buildings

Other Locations: Level 1-6 chests

  • School bus stops. Caves can be found below them.
  • Abandoned houses. Break the roofs, some roofs may include a fallen tree which could be a hint.
  • Banks. Inside and or in the basement of banks you can often find 1-2 chests.
  • Cellars. The blocked off basements found in backyards of houses.
  • Rooftops
  • Above Industrial bridges
  • Under Graveyards
  • At the corner of the maps behind rocks
  • Ever seen zombies underneath you but don't know how to get at them? Usually these zombies can be accessed at an entrance which requires you to build out of the zone and into a cave.

Types of Chests


Chests Level 1-6

Chest Level 1


Chest Level 2

Level 2 chest

Chest Level 3

Level 3 chest

Chest Level 4

Level 4 chest

Chest Level 5

Level 5 chest
Chest Level 6



Small Safe

Large Safes

Mimics During all missions you have a chance at finding a Mimic. A mimic is a strong zombie located in what looks to be a level 3 chest. If you hear a noise and the chest starts shaking halfway opening it, you got youself a mimic. Mimics have no specific weakeness. They are vulnerable to everything.


Storm Chest

Storm chest

Storm chests are kill progressive events during missions. Once opened there are a total of 3 waves that are all timed over a minute.

  • Wave 1 = Kill 25 zombies before time runs out
  • Wave 2 = Kill 50 zombies before time runs out. If you complete Wave 2, the time is stopped.
  • Wave 3 = Kill 2 Mist Monsters