Chests are one of the primary forms of obtaining loot in Battle Royale. Chests can drop Weaponry, Healing Items, and Throwables, among other things. Chests are often found in buildings, especially in the attics of houses, but can be found just about anywhere, within their set spawn locations.


Every chest in Battle Royale works functionally the same. A player walks up to the chest, holds down their interact button, and then the chest spills out a variety of loot for them to collect, similar to an Ammo Box. The chest can then be destroyed afterwards to yield very low amounts of materials. Chests can also be destroyed, either by breaking the surface they reside on, by interfering with its location by building on top of it, or by destroying it outright. These methods will still allow the player to take the loot the chest had. All chests have 500 health.

Types of Chests


Regular Chests are the most common chest to find, they are wooden, glow golden until opened and make a constant notable sound to indicate their presence. Chests will give you a standard pool of items. Firstly, they can give you any standard rarity weapon (Common to Legendary) alongside the weapons respective ammo type. Chests will also give you 30 Materials of any kind, and a consumable / throwable item, such as a Shield Potion or Grenades and as of Chapter 2: Season 5, Bars. Regular chests share a model with the Level 1 Chest in Save the World. Regular Chests have a 50% spawn rate per match.

Rare Chests

Rare Chest - Chest - Fortnite.png

Rare Chests are harder to find than Regular chests and offer better loot. They are metallic, still glow gold and make a different but still constant sound to indicate their presence. Rare Chests give you the same number of items and in the same quantities, but the key difference is the Weapon they provide is either Epic or Legendary. Rare chests can replace any chest spawn location. Rare chests share a model with the Level 3 Chest in Save the World.

Block Chests

Level 6 Chest - Chest - Fortnite.png

Block Chests were Chests that functioned very similar to the current Rare Chests, in that they offered higher tier loot than Standard Chests. Block chests could only be found at The Block and were added in by the creator themselves with a low spawn rate. Block Chests functioned identically to regular chests except they always gave a Legendary weapon. Block chests share a model with the Level 6 Chest in Save the World.

Faction Chests

Faction Chest - Chest - Fortnite.png

Faction Chests are Chests that can be found at various locations across the Battle Royale map. Each chest belongs to a different faction, and as such has a different design and icon. Some Faction chests will have an ID scanner, requiring a disguise or carrying a Henchman to use, to open it. When locked with a scanner, the chest cannot be destroyed, but if it does end up as such, it will drop no loot. Henchman chests contain different loot depending on the faction. For example, Stark Industries Chests drop better loot than S.H.I.E.L.D chests as S.H.I.E.L.D chests are only found in Quinjets, whereas Stark Industries Chests could only be found in the Vault at Stark Industries.

As of Chapter 2: Season 5, the different faction chests that have existed are:

Currently, Henchman Chests spawn at set locations across the map at a 100% drop rate.


Freezer - Chest - Fortnite.png

Freezer are chests that specialize in giving you Fish. Before opening they have a constant sound similar to that of a Rare Chest and they also produce a small amount of mist. They are only found at set locations across the map without a guaranteed spawn rate. They can only drop Small Fries, Floppers or Slurpfish.

Borderlands Chest

During Season X, with the arrival of Pandora, the chests in that location were replaced with Borderlands Chests. These chests dropped normal Chest loot but also dropped cash. The Borderlands chest looked very similar to the Henchman Chests, despite Henchman not arriving until Chapter 2.


  • Despite Chests not currently having a 100% drop rate, chest spawn locations are visible when at a distance. The chest then disappears on closer inspection.
  • Freezers are technically chests despite not being named as such. Due to this, they will count for challenges requiring the player to open chests.
  • In earlier patches of Battle Royale, destroying a chest deleted the loot that it dropped.
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