Chests are a type of container in Fortnite: Battle Royale. Alongside Floor Loot, and Supply Drops, Chests are the primary method of obtaining loot in the game. Chests are found across the map, and make a distinct noise when close to them.


Each type of chest works effectively the same. Chests are opened by the player, either by interacting, or destroying them. After this, chests will spill out different types of loot, depending on type. A regular chest will award a Weapon alongside its Ammo Type, 30 of one type of material, and two consumable items, one of which being a healing item. Some chests will also drop Bars.

Chest Types

Chests come in several different varieties. Many of them are limited time, only exist in a certain season, or at a certain point in the year.

Types of Chests
Chest Type Image First Introduced Found Loot Pool Availability
Pre-Season Everywhere Standard Permanent
Rare Chest
Chapter 2: Season 1 Everywhere High Tier Loot Permanent
Chapter 2: Season 1 Shops, Gas Stations Fish Permanent
Henchman Chest
Chapter 2: Season 2 Various Henchmen Loot Until Chapter 2: Season 6
Stark Industries Chest
Chapter 2: Season 4 Stark Industries Stark Industries Chapter 2: Season 4 only
Doom Chest
Chapter 2: Season 4 Doom's Domain Doctor Doom Chapter 2: Season 4 only
S.H.I.E.L.D. Chest
Chapter 2: Season 4 Quinjet Patrol Sites SHIELD Chapter 2: Season 4 only
Borderlands Chest
Season X Pandora Mid Tier Loot Removal of Pandora
Bunker Chest
Chapter 2: Season 6 Various High Tier Loot Permanent
Block Chest
Season 7 The Block High Tier Loot Until Chapter 2: Season 1
Lightsaber Cube
Chapter 2: Season 1 Various Lightsabers Live at Risky only
Treasure Chest
Season 8 Various High Tier Loot, Avengers Items Until Season 9
Endgame LTM (Only Avengers Chest)


  • Despite Chests not currently having a 100% drop rate, chest spawn locations are visible when at a distance. The chest then disappears on closer inspection.
  • Freezers are technically chests despite not being named as such. Due to this, they will count for challenges requiring the player to open chests.
  • In earlier patches of Battle Royale, destroying a chest deleted the loot that it dropped.
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