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Weapons Team to battle stations. Today, we're gonna put an end to the Imagined Order, for good.
— In-Game Description

Collision was a Live Event in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It is the concluding Live Event of Chapter 3: Season 2 and led to an extended downtime.


In Week 6 of Chapter 3: Season 2, the Imagined Order started building a doomsday machine known as The Collider under Loot Lake, as indicated by the Resistance Quests. Two weeks later, the first energy readings were detected. The Collider was fully constructed on May 17th and has been sending energy pulses periodically. With the doomsday machine constructed, The Seven has begun repairs on the Mecha Team Leader on The Ice Moon. Loopers were tasked to obtain parts for the Mecha. Repairs started with the head and body and on May 24th, its legs were reassembled. On Twitter, content creators and users are getting DMs from the official Fortnite twitter about the Mecha Strike Commander guide, in which the community will have to solve the jigsaw puzzle.

Event Summary

The event had a custom animation in the Lobby for going into the match, where the player's outfit would jump into a hole below them, then spawned on the The Ice Moon inside the Mecha Strike Commander. While waiting for the event to start, players could play an Asteroids-style minigame by entering the gun turrets. During this time, Agent Jones and members of The Seven conversed with each other, preparing for the attack.

90 seconds before the event began, The Origin gave the Loopers a mission briefing. The Paradigm then enters, and initiates the launch sequence, with the Loopers entering the battle stations. The Mecha heads for Reality Zero, with Loopers destroying incoming asteroids and Abductor debri along the way.

The Mecha lands at Synapse Station, only to be greeted by battallions of the Imagined Order's tanks. A laser strike from The Fortress is fired at the Mecha. In a quick time event, the Mecha fires a laser back at The Fortress, destroying the location. As the Mecha continues heading for The Collider, it is hit by a barrage of missiles coming from IO Airships, heavily damaging it.

Agent Jones sends Peely in to deliver a Slurp truck using a Mudflap. The Mecha is healed when it crushes the truck in its fist and the Paradigm pours the Slurp onto it, hurling the truck into an IO Airship when it finishes. The IO begins to send in B.R.U.T.E.s to attack the Mecha, which are easily disposed of.

The Collider's shield is downed. The Mecha pulls out its Light Blade, slashing through the remaining IO Airships. After the final IO vehicles have been destroyed, The Paradigm diverts all power to the Light Blade, and prepares to destroy the Collider. Before this can happen, explosions occurs, and the Mecha falls into the ground below. The Paradigm and the Loopers are ejected from the Mecha.

Agent Jones comes to assist the Mecha crew. Doctor Slone arrives in a tank, and Jones begins leading the Loopers upwards, while the Paradigm attempts to get the Mecha back online. Agent Jones and the Loopers are armed with an Epic Assault Rifle. The Foundation arrives and eliminates several IO Guards. The Zero Point has been exposed, and it begins to rise towards the top of the Collider, shifting realities along the way. The Paradigm manages to get the Mecha back online, and as Jones is distracting Slone with a speech, she crushes Slone and her tank with the Mecha's fist, destroying part of the bridge.

The Paradigm then begins to lift the Loopers, Jones, and The Foundation upwards towards the top of the Collider, with the latter two jumping into the Zero Point when it focuses on Geno. The Loopers then destroy the crystal detonators, and the Zero Point falls back below. The Paradigm protects the Loopers as the Collider collapses.

Meanwhile, Jones and the Foundation fist bump as they enter Geno's reality.


Audio Description
Collision Course
Zero Point Detonation