Colossal Coliseum was a Location in Fortnite: Battle Royale, added in Update v15.00. It was located near the center of the map, roughly in the spot Frenzy Farm and Stark Industries used to occupy. It was a large, rectangular, roman-style stadium.

The stadium features a large arena in the center which contains randomly selected structures in different games and is surrounded by stairs and a large balcony decorated with golden llamas and statues resembling Peely. The walls that surround the arena have a detailed interior with stairs, fountains, seating areas, balconies and prison cells for competitors. There are also large, gold statues of Menace and Stoneheart in the four corners. The Coliseum's walls are unbreakable and the interior can only be accessed by building over the walls or via the large entrance on the south side.

There is a secret Imagined Order base underneath the Coliseum.


Colossal Coliseum was located to the north-east of the centre of the map. It is about half-way between The Orchard and The Zero Point. Frenzy Farm was located here from Chapter 2: Season 1 until Chapter 2: Season 4 when it was crushed by Upstate New York and became the location of Stark Industries.


Chapter 2: Season 5

Chapter 2: Season 6


  • It had flags on its walls that show the Imagined Orders Logo which means they built it for Menace.
    • Menace spawned as an NPC here, proving this.
  • This location was used as the lobby background for Chapter 2: Season 5.
  • There is a chance for a llama and a crab structure to be in the center of the arena, these same structures were formerly found in the Athena map.
  • One of the structures in the arena resembles the Viking Village from the Athena map.
  • Real life Roman Amphitheaters were usually round or oval in shape, Colossal Coliseum is unique in its rectangular shape.
  • The outer wall is indestructible.


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