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Content Update v18.40 of Fortnite was released on November 23rd 2021. This was the final update of Chapter 2: Season 8 and the final update of Chapter 2.

Battle Royale


It's almost time to employ a new fighting strategy in the war against the Cubes. But before that, it's time now to decide the next item to bring into the war...

War Effort: Proximity Grenade Launcher VS. Flint-Knock Pistol

Proximity Grenade Launcher vs. Flint-Knock Pistol - Promo - Fortnite.jpg

The war effort’s again taking a look back at the classics — putting forth two unconventional weapons for Loopers’ consideration. With the Proximity Grenade Launcher, launch grenades that go off by just being near someone. Or with the Flint-Knock Pistol, go flying back for extra evasiveness (and mobility) when you shoot it.

Help the war effort decide which one to bring into the fight against the Cubes. The first to reach 100% Funded from Donation Stations will be swiftly manufactured for the Island. Contribute Bars at Donation Stations for your favorite choice!

Strike from the Shadows Week

Shadows Week - Promo - Fortnite.jpg

The best ninjas know the importance of stealth. It’s one thing to throw a Paper Bomb Kunai at an opponent, but it’s another to approach in shadow form first. True, you can’t use weapons in shadow form — and the Kunai is no exception — but why blow your cover before you’re within striking distance?

In Strike from the Shadows Week, running from 9 AM ET on November 23 to 9 AM ET on November 30, Paper Bomb Kunai and Shadow Stones are all over the place! You can catch Shadow Floppers in greater numbers too... and even find them on land. Turn into a shadow with the Stones and Floppers, then strike with the Kunai. Also complete themed Quests in the Strike from the Shadows Punchcard!

Competitive notes:

  • The Strike from the Shadows Week changes will not be included in competitive playlists.