Places upgraded DECOYS that damage enemies in addition to pulling them off the walls.
— In-Game Description

Controller is a Specialty Constructor available in the game. The number of perks and abilities depends on the hero's maximum evolution and level.

Maximum evolutions

  • Uncommon: 3
  • Rare: 4
  • Epic and Legendary: 5


Name Unlocked Description
Icon Constructor Creative Engineering
Creative Engineering
Stars TierNumber 1Evo Increases build speed by 10%. Reduces building cost by 10%.
Icon Constructor Firewall
25 Melee attacks against the Constructor's shield triggers an energy pulse dealing Energy Damage and knocking back nearby enemies in a 0.5 tile radius (16 Second Cooldown).
Icon Constructor Ready For A Surprise
Get Ready for a Surprise!
30 DECOY explodes when it is destroyed or expires.
Icon Constructor Going And Going
Going and Going
5 DECOY lasts 3 seconds longer.
Icon Constructor Grease The Wheels
Grease the Wheels
15 Reduce the cooldown of DECOY from 60 seconds to 45 seconds.
Icon Constructor Im Just Not User Friendly
I'm Just Not User-Friendly
12 DECOY reflects melee damage back to enemies that attack it.
Icon Constructor Kinetic Overload
Kinetic Overload
Stars TierNumber 2Evo Critical hits with hardware melee weapons trigger a Kinetic Overload, dealing a base of 50 plasma energy damage and knockback to the target. Can trigger once every 6 seconds.
Icon Constructor What Doesnt Kill You
What Doesn't Kill You...
8 DECOY has 25% more health.
Icon Constructor Youre Coming With Me
You're Coming with Me
18 Increases DECOY enemy attract radius by 1.5 tiles.


Name Unlocked Description
Icon Constructor BASE
2 The BASE alters the matter of connected building pieces. Affected walls will deal a base of 8 energy damage to any enemy that attacks them in melee. Attached structures gain 12% damage resistance. Extends 3 segments from placement.
Icon Constructor Bull Rush
Bull Rush
Stars TierNumber 3Evo The Constructor charges forward 3 tiles, collecting enemies on a shield, knocking them back at the end of the rush or when colliding with a wall. Does a base of 60 blunt physical damage.
Icon Constructor Decoy
1 Deploys a DECOY which will distract all enemies within a 1.5 tile radius for 12 seconds.

Squad Bonuses

When put into a squad slot on the Hero screen, a constructor can give either a passive support or tactical bonus. Some require a certain Primary Hero to use. Abilities that have percentages change depending on the star level.


Name Description
Icon Constructor Healthy
Increases maximum health by 10/15/20%.


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