Coral Castle is a named location in Fortnite: Battle Royale, added in Chapter 2: Season 3 on the Apollo map. It is located North of Sweaty Sands and West of Pleasant Park.

It is assumed that this is the home of the Coral Creatures, due to its name and its location being nearby to their old civilization. Another possibility is that this is the home of Aquaman, Atlantis, due to the size of the Coral Creatures.


  • In leaks, this location was named "The Ruins"
  • When this location was originally added, it was called <CARL> but was hotfixed quickly to its current name. It may have been a code name to stop leakers from finding out the official name early.
  • Before Week 7, a large whirlpool was in its place.
  • Florida's Stonehedge attempted to sue Epic Games because the name of this POI was trademarked by Florida.
  • Coral Castle may be leaving as a named location in Chapter 2: Season 5, due to the area being flooded in the trailer.
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