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Selecting a Gamemode with Discover

Core Gamemodes are modes are usually available (However, Since Season 7, Live Events have received their own playlists, and when said playlist is active, all other modes are disabled), and are usually not community-made.

Types of Game Modes

NOTE! Downtime for Update v21.10 is occurring. Please wait until the update is released!
The Core Gamemodes in Fortnite include, all four Battle Royale game modes, Zero Build, Save The World, and more.

Mode Icon Description Release Date Status
Battle Royale
Solo (C3S3) - Gamemode - Fortnite.jpg
Go it alone in a battle to be the last one standing. September 12, 2017 Downtime
Duos (C3S3) - Gamemode - Fortnite.jpg
Pair up with a buddy and take everyone else down. September 26, 2017
Trios (C3S3) - Gamemode - Fortnite.jpg
Classic Battle Royale with Three-Person Squads. January 31, 2019 (Initially an LTM)
Squads (C3S3) - Gamemode - Fortnite.jpg
Group up and outlast all of the other squads gunning for victory. September 26, 2017
Zero Build (Solo, Duos, Trios, Squads) All battle, no building! Players now have a recharging overshield for added defence. March 29, 2022
Team Rumble
Two large teams fight and the first team to get the target number of eliminations wins! Respawn on elimination is ON for the entire match. November 27, 2018
Battle Lab
Battle Lab Cover.jpg
Jump into your own Battle Royale island and set the rules! Select from favourite LTM loot pools, set up combat scenarios.. Fill your game with friends, or matchmake with public Battle Lab. December 18, 2019
Impostors - Mode - Fortnite.png
The Bridge is under attack! Agents of The Order are tasked with keeping The Bridge safe by completing their Assignments or identifying the Impostors. August 17, 2021
Party Royale
Party Royale (C2S8) - Mode - Fortnite.jpg
Welcome to Party Royale, a new experimental and evolving space. Leave your weapons and mats behind and hang out with friends, play games and enjoy live entertainment. April 29, 2020
Arena (Solo, Duos, Trios) Prove your skill in this competitive mode! You'll earn Hype by either achieving high placements or eliminating opponents. As you gain Hype, you'll compete against opponents with similar skill level. March 27, 2019 Downtime
Creative - Playlist - Fortnite.png
Matchmake with others and play the best games made by the community! December 6, 2018 Downtime
Legends Landing
Legends Landing - Gamemode - Fortnite.jpg
Jump in & explore the world of Fortnite Competitive at Legends Landing! Your one-stop-shop with all things competitive with games, broadcasts, & much more February 14, 2022
Save The World
Save The World
Save The World - Gamemode - Fortnite.jpg
Battle to hold back the monster hordes and explore a vast, destructible world. Build huge forts, craft weapons, find loot and level up. July 25, 2017 Downtime