There are a variety of cosmetic items for use in Fortnite. These came from various sources, including, but not limited to Battle Pass seasons, a Twitch Prime Membership, buying a starter pack, and the item shop.

Cosmetic items fall into the following categories: Back Bling, Emoticons, Emotes, Gliders, Loading Screens, Outfits, Harvesting Tools (Harvesting tools), Skydiving Trails (Contrails), Sprays, Toys, Umbrellas, and Music. Some outfits are also tied to heroes in Fortnite: Save the World. Cosmetic items are not always available.

From Season 10/X onward, cosmetics are available for Save The World players.

Types of Cosmetics

A Full list of types of cosmetics can be found below:

  • Selectable Styles - has several styles that can be chosen from that changes the look of the cosmetic (e.i.g Bao Bros)
  • Unlockable Styles - has styles Such as Selectable, however, they must be earned somehow by reaching certain tiers in a Battle Pass, gaining XP, completing Challenges, etc. (e.i.g Deadpool)
  • Progressive (outfits only) - Outfits that have Unlockable Styles (called “Stages”), adding something new to it, but requiring the user to complete challenges with the Outfit before the style can be “unlocked.” (e.i.g Drift )
  • Forged (outfits only) - Outfits that can be customized in whatever way the user wants. Users can “create” there own outfit by customizing the hair, tattoos, shirt color, pants color, boots, and more. (e.i.g. Gear Specialist Maya )
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