Crafting is a mechanic in Fortnite. It allows players to use resources to create weapons, traps and other items such as blast powder and ammo. Players will need to gather the appropriate materials prior to creating their new item. Materials can be found by destroying trees, fences, cars, structures, signs, and many other items in the game world. Be sure to loot chests, cabinets, plants, etc for even more materials. If a player is trying to create an item from a specific Schematic , they can track the missing items by clicking on the Track button in the Schematic's materials inventory.

Crafting can only be done within a mission, so players will not be able to craft from the pre-mission menu. Once a player is in a mission, they can open their inventory and select the Schematic from a list. On the left, players will see a list of items needed to craft the weapon or item. If the resources are available, use the Craft button to complete the crafting process. Schmatics can be viewed, recycled and upgraded prior to a mission by selecting the Armory from the Homebase menu. 

Crafting Weapons

Often, when a weapon is looted, a schematic of the same weapon becomes available to the player and the item can be recreated. Schematics can also be aquired from loot chests and Llamas. Having schematics is nesessary because weapons cannot be repaired. Looted weapons have a much lower chance of having good durability and will often break after a short time of use. The current durability level is represented on the edge of a weapon's icon. 

The schematic will not have the same stats as the weapon it came from and will  need to be upgraded using points gained by XP earned. As a schematic is leveled, the materials required to reproduce it will increase. Players will need to unlock the ability to upgrade Schematics in their Skill tree. 

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