Craggy Cliffs is a location in the north of the Apollo island. It is a small residence containing houses and a restaurant called Sticks.


Craggy Cliffs was located on the north part of the map. Pleasant Park was across the river while Steamy Stacks was across Pristine Point. In Chapter 2: Season 3, Craggy Cliffs has been flooded leaving only the attics of the buildings accesible. On July 18th the water at Craggy Cliffs is now gone, On July 24th, the water receded, Craggy Cliffs has been drained out and is now a named POI once again.

It is a relatively low drop, meaning not a lot of players drop here, if any. This area is a great place for looting, farming, and upgrading your weapons, using the Fishstick NPC. North of it is a great place for fishing, as such there are many fishing holes.


Challenge Challenge Set Reward Stage (If Any)
Search chests at Craggy Cliffs [7] Location Domination 10,000 Season XP Stage 1 of 3


  • Craggy Cliffs was added in Chapter 2: Season 1.
  • The original name of this location was "Beachy Bluffs".
  • It was the northernmost point of the map.
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