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Creative - Mode - Fortnite.jpg
Queue up solo or with a party. You will be automatically matched with other players to fill a lobby.
— In-Game Description

The Creative Showcases are a playlist for a limited time in Fortnite: Battle Royale of popular community made games in Fortnite: Creative. Content will be rotated in regularly, so check back every few days for new experiences.

List of Game Modes

Mode and Image Description
200 Level Default Deathrun
200 Level Default Deathrun - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
Queue up solo or with your friends to complete all levels in this 200 Level Default Deathrun LTM by FxxD1

Featuring 200 unique and easy levels to complete and a warm-up are to get ready!

222 Levels Default Deathrun
222 Levels Default Deathrun - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
Race against others and be the first to finish the 222 level deathrun.

A test of speed and skill awaits you.

2x Zone Wars
3V3V3V3! GO GOATED - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
Spawn in this Zone Wars map with 15 other solo players and fight for placement, elimination, and win points. The most points at the end of the rounds becomes the 2x Champion! Play and practice this Battle Royale endgame simulated experience with a small moving zone to evolve your gameplay.
3:2 Zone Wars + Box Fight
Bios Zone Wars Trio 1.0 - Custom Teams - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
Play the first ever zone wars + box fight LTM by yojj47 and Twin.

Queue up solo or with a party and you will be matched with other players to fill a lobby.

3V3V3V3! GO GOATED (Slow-Mo Enabled)
3V3V3V3! GO GOATED - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
Battle against your opponents in this chaotic Zone Wars experience LTM by s8atn

teams fight it out as the zone gets smaller, find secret weapons and work together for victory.

Advanced Red vs Blue
Advanced Red vs Blue - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
Gather your gear and race into battle in this high intensity Red VS Blue Team Deathmatch.

Features automatic build resets, all current weapons, healing and the best settings. Have fun battling it out with the enemy team!

BHE 1v1 Build fights
BHE 1v1 Build fights - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.png
BHE 1v1 Build Fights is the most played map to practice your building and aiming skills against others in a chaotic free-for-all experience! Queue up solo or with a party. You will be automatically matched with other players to fill a lobby.
Bios Zone Wars Trio 1.0 - Custom Teams - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
Play solo, with your friends or with random players in the popular trio 1.0 Zone Wars LTM by bio

Get the latest arena weapons and train with your friends!

Blitz Red Vs Blue
Blitz Red Vs Blue - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
Red vs Blue is back with a sleek new map. Earn coins by eliminating other players and completing killstreaks. Use gold to gear up. Choose from a massive arsenal of weapons and items to play with. The first team to 200 eliminations wins.
Brite City Mafia
Brite City Mafia - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpeg
Drop into Brite City, a huge open world adventure and earn reputation for team Shadow or Ghost!

Rank up and craft new loot as you explore Brite City. Break open vaults, complete bank heists, rent apartments and more!

Capture The Flag
Fireball - Cagefight Gungame - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
2 teams of 8 must work together to capture the opposing team's flag. Power up by eliminating opponents and earning gold. Gold can be used to upgrade weapons. DANGER! There is Lava everywhere, don't fall in!
CAR ROYALE - TEAM RUMBLE! - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpeg
A action packed team battle game with Joyride Vehicles! Upgrade your gear and activate powers like Storm Attack to weaken your opponents. Activate special events to play even stronger as a team to win.
City Royale
City Royale - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpeg
A unique team deathmatch game set in a big city with lots of vehicles. Earn gold by eliminating opponents. Use that gold to upgrade weapons or activate special power ups for your team. This game is endless; keep playing as long as you’d like!
Color Switch
Color Switch - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.png
Watch out for the disappearing colours and survive until the end in the Colour Switch LTM by Team Unite.

A colour will be picked at the start of each phase, you must stand on the matching tile in order to survive. The game will get faster and faster as time goes on, be the last standing to win!

Containment - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
Play with parties of 1-4 players.

Fight endless waves of creatures in a destroyed city, can you survive the horde?

Dark Mines - Murder Mystery
Dark Mines - Murder Mystery - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
Take your role as the slayer, the detective, or one of the innocent and perform your plan according to the instructions given!

The slayer must eliminate every player to win while the Detective is searching for him at every corner along with the remaining innocents.

EASY LIFE AT THE O2 - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpeg
A musical adventure awaits! Jump into this Creative Island for an interactive music experience created by O2. Enjoy easy life’s music as you go on a journey in tune to the gig.
Fiend Slayer
Fiend Slayer - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.png
Drop-in and eliminate as many monsters as possible while trying to survive. Gain coins and materials to unlock doors, upgrade your weapons, fight boss battles, and more. Win by uncovering the mystery of the island and escape.
FinestYT's Realistic (2v2 MatchMaking)
FinestYT's Realistic (2v2 MatchMaking) - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.png
Battle it out in 8 rounds of 2v2 realistic encounters in different POI's from the BR map.

Play with randomised weapons or pick a different set of guns from the loadout selector where only the best duo ends up on top and take home the W!

Fireball - Cagefight/Gungame
Fireball - Cagefight Gungame - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
Spawn inside a giant fireball! The goal is to get to 15 eliminations first.

Going from legendary to common weapons. The player with the most points after 3 rounds wins.

Fortnite Fashion Show
Fortnite Fashion Show - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.png
Show off your best cosmetic combos in the Fortnite Fashion Show!

Vote for your favorite styles on-stage and show yourself off over 4 rounds that feature Outfits, Emotes, Gliders, and weapons/items!

Freaky Flights - Air Royale
Freaky Flights - Air Royale - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpeg
Fight for supremacy of the skies in this action packed team firefight. Defeat enough opponents to unlock special abilities, like Storm Attack. Buckle up, your team needs you! See you in the skies squaddie.
Ghost vs Shadow Pro
Shadow vs Ghost - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.png
Get rich or get eliminated trying. Protect your gold generators while fighting back other players. Unlock the mythic sword in the endgame and win the final battle!
Green VS Purple GO GOATED
Green vs Purple Go Goated - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
It's a 8v8 Team Deathmatch. Play as either Team Green or Team Purple as you fight for the win!

Choose your loadout, then battle it out to be the first team to reach 25 eliminations.

Green Vs Red Vs Yellow Vs Blue
Green Vs Red Vs Yellow Vs Blue - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.png
Four teams faceoff in an arena showdown.

Each player wields powerful legendary weapons. Reach 50 eliminations to open ‘the vault’ and claim the mythic sword to win!

Go Crazy Arena
Go Crazy Arena - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.png
Neymar Jr. invites you to gear up and go crazy in this 12v12 showdown. Takedown other players to earn gold and upgrade your equipment. Infinite respawns keep you in the action. Built by Immature and Madmoods.
Hide and Seek: Underwater Labs
Hide and Seek Underwater Labs - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.png
Unlock the secrets in Underwater Lab during this thrilling Hide and Seek match! Over 100 hiding spots to find, get found and you'll join the seekers, hiders must stay hidden to win!
Hotel Fight
Hotel Fight - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
Fight against other players in this unique FFA. Start off with a basic loadout which can be progressively upgraded as you eliminate your opponents! Unlock abilities and special perks. Craft new items by searching materials around the map to gain an advantage.
Infinite Level Default Deathrun
Infinite Level Default Deathrun - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
Race against other players and be the first to finish. Fun and easy levels for new players and pros!
JDuth 100 Level Default Deathrun
JDuth 100 Level Default Deathrun - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.png
Get ready all you Defaults, time to jump into the 100 Level Default Deathrun LTM created by JDuth

Featuring 100 Default Deathrun levels, tutorial levels and an EPIC boss fight againist the Default King!

La Fiesta
La Fiesta - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.png
Get ready to start a journey on J Balvin's challenging and colorful map.
Loadout Warfare - Poseidon V
Loadout Warfare - Poseidon V - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.png
Attack and Defend strategic points that offer a chance for victory! If not, then next Phase you'll get your chance.

Choose between 9 unique Loadouts that have their own unique special abilities and battle it out in a Futuristic Spaceship.

Lockdown - Horde Survival
Lockdown - Horde Survival - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
A highly advanced cyber facility is in lockdown after a horde of monstrous creatures broke in.

You must survive as long as you can with up to 4 other players. Each wave of monsters is more challenging to overcome. Upgrade your weapons to power up and explore the facility to uncover it's sinister secrets.

Living Room PVP
Living Room PVP - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
Immerse yourself into the world of Living Room PVP and fight beyond your imagination. Run around with your friends or solo up and get ready to purchase your next mystery weapon box to show your strength!
March Through Time
March Through Time - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpeg
Presented by TIME, explore D.C. 63, a reimagined Washington, DC where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his iconic “I Have a Dream” speech. Alongside Fortnite players from all over the world -- listen to this defining civil rights’ moment.
Mars Tycoon
Mars Tycoon - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
Build your empire on Mars in this four player tycoon showdown. Upgrade your empire by building generators, unlocking new rooms and hiring security bots. Earn victory points by fighting other players, creators and by stealing jewels from enemy empires. First to 100 points wins!
Mig 8v8
Mig 8v8 - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
Fight with your team for control of an island under a sky filled with jet fighters in this Creative LTM by YU7A.

Only the most deserving fighter will be highlighted on the hill, will you be the pride of your team?

Money Wars
Money Wars - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
Complete against other players in this bed war mode: protect your bed at all costs!

Collect materials and upgrade your base defenses while unlocking better weapons to defeat your opponents!

Mystery At Croft Manor
Mystery At Croft Manor - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
Play the Croft Manor Experience with up to 4 friends.

After solving the manor mystery, check out other puzzles and platformers built by the community. Built by Team Alliance.

NICK EH 30 ZONE WARS (Duos) - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.png
SOCIAL DUOS: You could be matched up against parties of other players that are larger than duos!

8 Duos clash in this Nick Eh 30 themed competitive combat game. When the game begins, choose your team and ready yourself for battle. All players start with random loot and building is enabled.

ORANGE VS BLUE 100 (XL) GO GOATED - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.png
2 teams of 8 players battle it out in a combat training facility.

Choose your starting loadout before the match starts. Then, collect gold by eliminating players and use it to unlock better gear. The first team to 100 Eliminations wins! Respawns are on.

Outbreak - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.png
Monsters have taken over the city! Earn gold by clearing them out. Make sure to stop by the shop to upgrade your gear. If you look around you can even find loot. Team up with others or survive on your own in this open world city.
Outlaw's Haven - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.png
Explore the open world of Outlaw's Haven and make your living inside the town of Freehollow. Get a job to earn gold and buy items and weapons to challenge other players. Became an Outlaw and cause chaos or clean up the town as a Sheriff. This game ends when the timer runs out.
Pandvil Box Fights
Pandvil Box Fights - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
Battle it out and put your skills to the test in the 4x5 Box Fight arena.

First team to reach five round wins the Victory Royale.

A New Voyage (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
Eliminate opponents to earn gold coins. Use coins to upgrade your weapons and ship to beat the enemy pirates! Queue up as a solo or in a party, you will be automatically matched with other players to fill a lobby. First team to get 150 points wins!
Primal Rumble
Primal Rumble - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
Two teams go head to head as they race to eliminate more monsters. Earn gold when you eliminate monsters and other players, which can be spent on upgrades. Be on the lookout, there is lots of loot to be found!
Pro FFA Arena - Fight!
Pro FFA Arena - Fight! - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.png
Fight for the top spot in a huge Free For All Arena! Takedown the competition to earn power-ups and upgrade your items. If you want non-stop action, this Pro Arena is for you.
Pro Billionaire Tycoon
Millonaire Tycoon - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
Build your tycoon, hire workers, level up, and unlock upgrades to become a millionaire in Millionaire Tycoon by BrendannnD!

Secure the win through PVP, claiming bounties, and heisting jewels!

PRO RED VS BLUE - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
Faceoff against the other team in a skill-based Red vs Blue game. Upgrade your weapons to gain the edge over your opponents. Every few minutes, a special event will occur!
Prop Hunt Infinite
Prop Hunt Infinite - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
Play Prop Hunt with 2-16 Players. All players have infinite lives, and can play as either a prop or hunter at any time. Complete unique objectives as a prop and hunter to score points and win!
Prop Hunt Modern Mall
Prop Hunt Modern Mall - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
A classic Prop Hunt game with a twist. Explore the modern mall and find the best spot to hide. If you're eliminated as a Prop, you'll respawn on the Hunter team. Listen carefully as a Hunter. The prop team gives off a noise every fifteen seconds!
Prison Breakout
Prison Breakout - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.png
Cause Mayhem or prevent it in the Prison Breakout LTM by Echo

Be a Criminal and roam the city, rob stores, buy weapons and cause havoc, or be a Guard, prevent Prisoners from escaping and take down Criminals.

Pro 100
Pro 100 - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
Be the first to reach victory in an atmosphere of enthusiasm and suspense in this creative map.

Battle in an epic arena to collect points and buy weapons in this team deathmatch.

Pro 2
Pro 2 - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
Eliminate your enemies to score points and inch closer to victory! The first team to reach 200 points wins

Collect golden coins to buy weapons and unlock secret areas of the map.

Pro Red vs Blue Bounty
Pro Red vs Blue Bounty - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
Get ready to fight in a fast paced team vs team deathmatch set in a future dystopia. Earn gold from bounties and killstreaks. Use it to buy weapons and upgrades. Collect power ups to boost your combat ability or parkour your way to an advantageous position. Be the first team to 100 eliminations to win!
PWR Tiny Town
PWR Tiny Town - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpeg
Welcome to Tiny Town, a place to hang out with friends and roleplay. Work cool jobs, earn money, buy your own amazing house, and play fun mini-games. There’s no win condition in Tiny Town. You play to have fun!
Realistic Solos
Bios Zone Wars Trio 1.0 - Custom Teams - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
Realistic Solos, a place where players can practice and enhance their endgame skills. Random storms, random loot, and a random POI each round!

Earn points to win! Points are earned by getting eliminations and/or remaining alive.

Red vs Blue 2.0
Red vs Blue 2.0 - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
The classic team vs team deathmatch is back with Red vs Blue 2.0!

Choose your loadout and jump into the battle. Infinite respawns get you right back into the action. Earn enough eliminations to claim victory!

Red VS Blue GO GOATED! 8v8
Red VS Blue GO GOATED! 8v8 - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
An eight vs eight team deathmatch in a giant arena! Earn gold from eliminations which can be used to buy upgrades, weapons and more. Play this map to practice your combat skills while having fun and winning with your team.
RED VS BLUE (LAVA) - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
Battle beside your team in this epic arena full of lava and get the most damage points to win. Earn coins by eliminating other players or by collecting the free coins in the middle of the battlefield. Use your coins to upgrade your weapons and gear, increasing your chances of winning!
Red Vs Blue: OG Prison
Red Vs Blue OG Prison - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.png
This Red vs Blue game is a blast from the past!

Battle with only Chapter 1 Fortnite weapons. Earn gold to unlock new weapons and upgrade your gear.

Red vs Blue Rumble
Red vs Blue Rumble - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.png
Show off your skills in this fast paced casual combat game. Earn gold by eliminating other players and use that gold to upgrade your weapons. Infinite respawns make this game perfect for practicing Fortnite with your friends.
Red Vs Blue ( XS )
Red Vs Blue ( XS ) - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.png
This variant of Red vs Blue focuses on close quarters combat. Use cover as you rush through the arena and takedown the other team. Infinite respawns and strong starting loadouts get you right back into the action if you're eliminated. There is hidden loot in secret areas scattered throughout the map for you to uncover.
Ritual's Skydock Boxfights
Ritual's Skydock Boxfights - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
Lock down and load up solo into the unforgiving and close quarters boxfight LTM by Ritual.

Featuring automatic matchmaking, a classic loadout and side by side spawns, practice taking your opponent's walls and strategize to master endgame scenarios!

Rockets vs Cars
Rockets vs Cars - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
An epic showdown between two teams. One team has access to vehicles and must knock all players of the other team off the platform. The other team must destroy the vehicles with rockets as they chase them around.
Shadow vs Ghost
Shadow vs Ghost - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.png
The Shadow must eliminate all of the Ghosts before they reach the end of the course. Ghosts must make their way through the course as they avoid traps set by the Shadow. It’s one vs all in this mad dash to the finish!
SIMPLE TRIOs ZoneWars (40 Players)
Zone Wars With Placement Points - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
Teams of 3 clash in an epic battle. Pick your team in round 1. Every player joins the fight with a randomized loadout. After a short preparation period, fight for victory with your team. The team with the most round wins will take home the victory!
Skyfall: Box Fight
Skyfall Box Fight - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.png
Team up and get ready for action in this new spin on Box Fights!

Periodically, all builds are destroyed and the remaining players are dropped into a smaller arena with upgraded weapons in this Duo Box Fight!

Snipers vs Runners (Doll House)
Snipers vs Runners (Doll House) - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.png
Spy Tycoon
Spy Tycoon - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
Race to be the richest spy in a new competitive tycoon game. Takedown enemy spies to earn gold, which can be spent on a variety of upgrades. If you’re sneaky enough, you can steal jewels from opposing spy agencies to get ahead.
Spy Within: Shopper's Delight
Spy Within Shopper's Delight - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.png
Several key islands have been infiltrated by Spies. It’s your job to track them down and flush them out. Watch your back, you’ll be arriving at each location with limited information. You don’t know who the Spies are, so don’t trust anyone...we can trust you, right?

The team of Agents must discover the identity of the Spies and vote them off to win. Alternatively, they can complete the objectives on the map befores the Spies eliminate them. The team of Spies must stop the Agents from completing objectives and eliminate them while keeping their identity a secret.

Summer Splash Deathrun
Summer Splash Deathrun - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.png
Take it head-to-head with 15 other players in the ultimate floating deathrun race!

Race to the finish by completing 25 fun and challenging levels to be crowned the winner.

Survival Simulator
Survival Simulator - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.png
You're stranded in the wild — find a way to survive in the Survival Simulator LTM by CCruzFight

Gather the resources around you to craft a path to survival. Take on the storm with tech, salvage gear, and send an S.O.S. to win! Do you have what it takes?

Survival Simulator (Desert)
Survival Simulator (Desert) - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.png
Survival with the heat turned up! Step into a vast, open-world desert and try to survive the sun.

Find shade to cool off while you salvage for water, food, and resources. Good luck survivors!

SURVIVE THE CITY- NO PARKING - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.png
The monsters are back, and they’ve taken over every parking lot in the city. Destroy them to earn gold and purchase new gear as you make your way to the drive-in zombie madhouse! Can you survive?
The Crossover: Court Crashers
The Crossover Court Crashers - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.png
Travel through space and time to compete in the ultimate free for all slam dunk contest. Launch yourself off huge jumps and dunk yourselves in hoops to score points. Use items to boost yourself and slow down other players.
The Hole FFA
The Hole FFA - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
SOCIAL FFA: You could be matched up against parties of other players! Get ready to enter the arena!

You'll face off against all other players in a Free For All showdown with respawns. As you battle it out and earn eliminations you'll gain experience, strength and unlock new weapons.

The Pit
The Pit - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
Jump into The Pit and battle it out with any weapons you want!

Earn coins by eliminating players and use them to purchase powerups. Builds will reset every 15 minutes and the player with the most eliminations when the time runs out wins!

The Underworld - Gun Game
The Underworld - Gun Game - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.png
Save your soul from the firey inferno known as the Underworld! 2-16 player Gun Game. Eliminate opponents to progress through the weapons. The first player to reach 30 wins.
Theme Park
Theme Park - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
Discover attractions and minigames around the map and have some fun in this summer theme park.
Top Vehicle Games Showcase
Top Vehicle Games Showcase - Creative Showcase.png
This is a hub with access to some of the hottest new vehicles games in Creative. Check back daily for the latest updates and newest maps
Tropical Zone Wars
Tropical Zone Wars - Creative Showcase.png
Vertigo Deathruns
Vertigo Deathruns - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpeg
You’re trapped at the top of a treacherous tower. It takes true speed and skill to descend the deathtower. Will you accept the challenge?
Wall Wars
Wall Wars - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
2-16 Player Zone Wars with a twist!

Gather weapons and resources and race into battle with your team in this high intensity Wall Wars LTM by The Slurp.

Watermania - Ultimate Summer Clash
Watermania - Ultimate Summer Clash - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
Get ready for an epic battle between 2 teams. Use stormwings, helicopters, and boats or fight the enemy by foot in this intense team deathmatch mass battle! Collect enough gold with your team to activate game changing battle mods in your base! Win by earning more team eliminations than your opponents.
World's End Millionaire Mansion!
World's End Millionaire Mansion! - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.png
Battle for gold and climb the leaderboards in this PVP centered Open World LTM by Atlas Creative. Featuring 1v1s, Boxfighting, FFA, Racing, Fishing and More!
Zone Wars PURGATORY - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.png
Zone Wars Purgatory is the first of it's kind. This LTM offers players unending gameplay with activities like Box Fights or Parkour to keep you entertained when eliminated early. Queue up solo and battle it out in high action Zone Wars! You will be automatically matched with other players to fill a lobby.
ZONE WARS WATER PARK - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.png
Battle Royale endgame simulation with condensed movement zones where only one player will achieve the victory. Queue up solo or with a party and you will be matched with other players to fill a lobby.
Zone Wars With Placement Points
Zone Wars With Placement Points - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
This game is great for simulating the adrenaline and fun of competitive matches. All players have one life and receive one point per placement, two points per elimination. SOCIAL FFA: You could be matched up against parties of other players!
Zoo Gun Game!
Zoo Gun Game! - Creative Showcase - Fortnite.jpg
It’s chaos at the Zoo! Choose between 7 different animal themed classes with unique perks and abilities. The first player to reach 25 eliminations in this FFA showdown will claim victory.