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Oooh, sparkly
— In-Game Description

Crowning Achievement is a Epic Emote in Fortnite: Battle Royale, that was first introduced in Chapter 3: Season 1.


The emote is unique, in that it is obtained by getting a Victory Royale, with a Victory Crown in your inventory. The emote displays how many times you have won with a crown equipped.


Chapter 3: Season 1

  • Update v19.00 (December 6th, 2021)
    • Added the Crowning Achievement emote in Epic
  • Update v19.10 (January 18th, 2022)
    • Changed the emote To go past 99 Wins.

Chapter 3: Season 2

Chapter 3: Season 3


  • This is the only emote that is obtained in game without the use of challenges, the Battle Pass or any third party promotions.
    • Dance Moves is also given to every player but requires no requirements other than owning an account.
  • The crown in the emote will upgrade at certain points depending on how many crown wins you have.
    • After 10 wins with a crown, a second llama head will pop up.
    • After 20 wins with a crown, a third llama head will pop up and red gems will appear on the crown.
  • Performing the emote in front of a Vending Machine reveals unique dialogue from Llana.
  • There was a bug that made the counter roll over to 00 upon achieving 100 victories.
    • This was patched in Update v19.10, where the emote can now count past 1000 Victory Crown wins.
  • The music used for the emote is an excerpt from the Wild Lobby Track.
  • The maximum number of counting wins with the emote is 99,999.